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  1. I fixed this in the next installer, my bad sorry... Its a small typo

    Can you wait a day or two till Rafael releases his new Alky (a.k.a. VAIO) and I will update the sidebar installer for the new Alky release?

    He said maybe tomorrow Monday he will make it public

    This are awesome news Rick :thumbsup_anim: Finally the waiting is over soon. How long will it takes you to have the update ready :icon_question:

  2. the regsvr32.exe is in system32 directory, and i do the instruction u mention above, but the gadgets still got problem, so i try to register the

    sbdrop.dll and wlsrvc.dll but i get this 2 error (this 2 .dll files in inside system32 folder)

    >>LoadLibrary("sbdrop.dll") failed - the specified module cannot be found.

    >>LoadLibrary("wlsrvc.dll") failed - the specified module cannot be found.

    kingjam what kinda theme you are using ? Looks fantastic and I would like to have it :whistle:

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