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  1. Hi kiki.

    To group my addons I modify the MSI file or use the switch "group" on many installer.

    Look sample below:

    PDF Creator - a Inno Setup Package

    PDFcfg.inf - the configuration file to PDF Creator program

    PDF_Creator - the command line to .7z switchless installer

    The line Group on .inf file create an custom group called "- Ferramentas -" at start menu.

    To modify a MSI file I use Orca editor. Below the AdobeRrd.txt show with create an shortcut to " - Ferramentas -\PDF" in start menu for Adobe Reader 8.

    The final start menu are:

    - Ferramentas -


    PDF Creator

    Adobe Reader

    I wait this information help you.





  2. @cool400

    Download your language from this link: german

    Rename file to nativelang.xml

    Uncab the Notepad++ 5.0.3-addon from Kels, include the file in NOTE.CAB and modify [sourceDisksFiles] and [Note.main] in NOTE.INI to add nativelang.xml.

    Repack the addon, install and use Notepad++ in German language.

    I do it to use this addon in Portuguese Brazilian.

    Other languages disponbles at download section


  3. Boooggy WMP Slipstreamer update to version 1.2i, change log:

    1. Complete rewrite of ini file editor, massive file editing speed increase (SimpleIniEditor renamed to IniParser) 
    2. Complete rewrite of cabinet.dll interface, problems with COMODO Defense+ fixed, now x64 compatible (can be compiled and work with 64-bit cabinet.dll)
    3. Complete separation of Backend from user interface, switch to events. Cross-thread dialogs now open with the main window as its owner correctly.
    4. Cleaned up Backend error handling.
    5. Removal of embedded uxtheme.dll and msobmain.dll hotfixes. Slipstreamer will break unattended and display a warning
    if it finds that uxtheme or msobmain need updating, integrate those fixes before running the slipstreamer to avoid this.
    6. Updated to support Windows XP Service Pack 3 (automatically applies wbem fix if required)
    7. Fixed issues on x64 WMP11
    8. Fixed issue presented here: [url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&showtopic=90635&view=findpost&p=761577/"]http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=761577/[/url]

    Extracted from RyanVM forum


  4. Boogy have updated to 0.85 today :

    Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:00 pm    Post subject:    


    slipstreamer updated to version 0.85

    1. Switch to win32 resource api / brute force byte search to extract
    type 2 hotfixes.
    2. Switch to ms delta api to extract type 1 hotfixes (resolves sp3
    3. Speed optimization to cabinet.dll interface (faster compression)
    4. Fixed: WMP11Slipstreamer loses focus while extracting hotfixes (fixed
    by 1 and 2).
    5. Update of SimpleIniEditor to v4.
    6. Update of ArgumentParser to v2.5.
    7. Fixed crash when windows source EULA.txt is corrupted or empty.
    8. Better error handling in cabinet.dll to help uncover mysterious
    errors (the ones with Code: None).


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