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  1. I never used the tweaks before. First time this came to my attention was in 1.0.2-5, but was not sure if accidently the "test on current OS" option was set. So I decided to test on 1.0.2-9 again, only GodMode and Show All Icons in Taskbar tweak was activated so I can't say if some more are involved. GodMode was present in curr os but did not work (param missing...) and after a restart the notifications in taskbar were hidden, though this was set to show all before working with W7T.

    What should "testing install tweaks on currnet OS" do? Simply apply them to current os?

    Forgot to post I'm working on (and editing this one) Seven x64 Ultimate

    Edit: The green progress in taskbar icon of W7T does not work, it hangs at the very beginning.

    And I wonder why only showing the main window of W7T does lead to ~50% cpu usage ... but nothing to cry about.

    I just tested again, now only Control Panel view was set to category -> curr os shows large icons now (not categorys), small icons is my default. Strange. As I said, usually I apply my own localized german tweaks by sfx addon.

  2. Hey Lego,

    nice to see you fixing things so quick!

    Just found a bug in tweaks and options : The tweaks are applied to the current OS though not selected in OPTIONS. So I browsed the registry to clean up things and found GodMode in computer context menu, but the command is missing - only gives out an error (explorer.exe command not specified)

    Keep on coding, best tool out there so far!

  3. Yes, once we were all bloody beginners. I got my first pentium mmx pc in 2002 and didn't even know what I should do with this thing.

    In the end of 02 I had an accident and broke some bones in my feet. So I had nothing to do all day and night long... in this time I found german-nlite and the msfn nlite forums.

    That totally changed my life. Did rouhgly 200 XP installs this year, sometimes five a day only for testing purposes.

    Let's see what you are doing in a year or so ... :icon_cool:

  4. So here's my request in the name of all german users. I built my own w/o W-Lan API ( it's in the german HotfixPack ) and with my prefered Gadgets - but an official "made by ricktendo64" addon will be great for all the Deutschlanders here :thumbsup_anim:

    1. The whole 7zipped Sidebar folder ( Vista rtm ) Windows_Sidebar_de-DE.7z

    2. Localized "Accessories" folders name is "Zubeh

  5. Hey

    It should work if you edit the setupp.ini in the I386 folder.

    Open the file and edit the last line like this:




    In the retail setupp.ini "Pid" you have to change the last three numbers to "OEM" and then the OEM key off the laptop should be accepted.

    Maybe that is what Siginets Addon already did. Then it would not work too.

    Maybe the oembios.xxx files have to be changed too...

  6. WinFlip 0.42


    Download : WinFlip_0.42_AddOn.rar

    md5 : D71B8BE3BC150CB037EF855BF948EEB7

    The greatest tool I discovered this year. A must-have to transform your XP to Vista. All settings can be made through the tray icon.

    *Please read this document before you start the application.

    Name : WinFlip

    Version: 0.42

    Author : Koji Higashino

    Email : koji@tokyodownstairs.com

    URL : http://www.tokyodownstairs.com/

    *Multi language support*

    English : Koji Higashino(and Bram Bazuin, Boris Lapshin)

    Dutch : Bram Bazuin

    German : Sandokhan Kucic


    1. What is WinFlip?

    WinFlip is a Flip 3D function for Windows XP.


    2. Requirements

    OS : Windows XP

    Library : DirectX9.0c(2004 Summer) (only if SP1 or earlier)

    (available at Microsoft Corporation under

    <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/directx/)" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.microsoft.com/directx/)" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.microsoft.com/directx/)" target="_blank">http://www.microsoft.com/directx/)</a></a></a>


    3. How to use

    1: Launch WinFlip.exe, WinFlip will stay in the tasktray.

    2: While WinFlip is running, Flip windows on the desktop by

    the following key operations.

    Win + Tab (Forward)

    Win + Shift + Tab (Backward)

    3: To change the texture quality, right click the icon in the

    tasktray, and select "Texuture Quality" in the menu. Then choose

    a texture quality setting from the submenu.

    4: To change the window size (when flipping), right click the

    tasktray icon, and select "Display Type" in the menu.

    Then choose Large or Small from the submenu.

    5: To change the anti-aliasing quality, right click the icon in the

    tasktray, and select "Anti-Alias" in the menu. Then choose

    0 to 16 from the submenu. The apprication restarts automaticaly.

    note: The anti-arias quality is depends on your computer's

    hardware. WinFlip checks the hardware support when starting

    up the program, and enables the menu items which are

    supported by the hardware.

    6: If the flip function is very slow, you can choose the drop

    frame mode. To choose the mode, right click the icon in the

    tasktray, and select "Drop frame when slow" in the menu.

    7: To change the key operations, right click the icon in the

    tasktray, and select "Options" in the menu. The option

    dialogbox then appears.

    Follow the instructions in the dialogbox to complete the

    key operation settings.

    8: Following mouse operations are supported.

    a.To begin the flip windows, you can choose following operations.

    (i)Mouse gesture

    Draw the circle anywhere on desktop by mouse cursor.

    clockwise or counter clockwise

    (ii)Click edge of desktop

    (iii)Click the middle button

    b.To Flip windows, you can use the mouse wheel.

    c.To choose the windows, just click the window you want to choose.

    9: To quit, right click the icon in the tasktray, and select

    "Quit" in the menu.


    4. Note

    Is there anyone can help me? I want to make the other language

    versions. If you can help me, please contact me via the following

    email : koji@tokyodownstairs.com


    All Rights Reserved. Copyright

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