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  1. That error was caused because the addon is trying to add them to the silent installer which is not what addons are for.

    Hi Lego

    What should I do not to see that window? Should I apply to Reaper?

    My temporary soultion is not to use thouse three addons :(


  2. W7T-MSP extracor refuses my office security updates :crying_anim02:




    And it creates empty directories,not msp files :confused02:


  3. Take care to check all your personnal values!!!


    <RegisteredOwner>Your Full Name</RegisteredOwner>


    <Value>Same Password</Value>

    And check the partitions sizes to your needs!!!!!!

    Do these values result errors?

    I think installation cannot analyse something.

    Anyway let me test with my personel values.

  4. For those x64 have you ever, either before or after you merged them used AIO on them which included 'apply unattended'?

    For some reason they are using the first ever unattended file applied to them.

    I don't think so. When I install them without any Autounattend.xml file, the installation asks everything as usual.

    With an AIO DVD (x86/x64) you can have an Autounattend.xml file with only ONE window asking which OS to install!!!

    You are right. In fact I want which Os and where to questions.

    Now I understand why you gave me fully silent xml file including partition creation. :D

    I meant 'fully silent' except these two questions. I expressed myself a little bit wrong, sorry.


    EDIT2: @myselfidem

    May I ask you for an example again?

  5. I have two 'fresh' DVDs. one of them is win7 sp1 x86 DVD. The other is 9 images AIO x86/x64 DVD.

    I made a new Autounattend.xml every time by unattanded creator. My purpose is fully silent setup with my settings.

    some settings: one user in adminsitrator grup, autolgon with the user and infinit logon count without user password (empty password)

    I copied Autounattend.xml file to the dvd root.

    I have tested several times.

    -- win7 sp1 x86 dvd: fully silent installation :) The task is ok. windows comes with my settings.

    -- win7 sp1 x86/64 AIO dvd: all 5 x86 images: fully silent installation :) the same above.

    all 4 amd64 images: fully silent installation except asking security and netwok question. :angry:

    (although etz says EULA, I have never bumbed into EULA)

    --win7 sp1 x64 dvd: I've never tested it.

    I don't think unattended creator has problem because x86 and amd64 parts are identical in xml files ! Quite strange

    I am on my way becoming windows answer file expert LOL

    May be I have impossible request because I could't find fully silent AIO xml from whole internet :P

    This issue may not related w7t's unattended creator. I will test x64 dvd.


  6. @Myselfidem

    Here is the first autounattend.xml file you gave me. It has no user and works fine both x32/x64.

    I have tried to add a user and autologon for a day. I couldn't :g:

    can you add this autologon and user to the file for me?

    <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">



  7. I always use AIO tool for all image manipulating operations.

    Wim Manager I use only rarely and only when I need to merge/remove OS images.

    OK, copying manually is fine, but for some odd reason, some of W7Toolkit versions did it automatically... ;)

    EDIT: Copied file manually, made new ISO (based with old one)...ran virtualbox... still asks accepting EULA, Network Location and Update Settings? :blink:

    Also autologin one of the users didnt succeed altough users were actually created.

    (Image is x64 if it matters)

    - I prefer manual copy to automatic.

    - It doesn't ask EULA. Are you sure?

  8. Remember XML Creator needs to be improved...Use the Autounattend.xml file I gave you!

    Check first your Autounattend.xml file for Windows x86 and after duplicate the values for x64 and merge the files, and check with WSIM...You will see ONLY ONE error: missing the last line...But this is not needed!

    I see. I will try to add users to the first Autounattend.xml you gave me. Thank you.

    By the way, Legolash asked a question about setproductkey. Setproductkey.cmd injects microsoft's suitable trial productkeys to win7 images. so product keys never asked during installation.


  9. Your are using an Autounattend.xml file AIO x86/x64 right?

    Yes, I use an Autounattend.xml file AIO x86/x64.

    If the integrated keys aren't the good ones you may have errors!!

    SetProductKey.cmd is useful if you don't want enter a key during the silent installation!!

    SetProductKey.cmd is really useful. I used it and tested my all 9 images. It works fine.

    Please read carefully my posts here: http://www.msfn.org/...nd-aio-x86-x64/

    I didn't want to be an autounattend.xml expert but I think I should be LOL

    just gigling :)

    This attached file has one user and woks fine with x32 images.

    please, have look at that


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