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  1. I don't use multiboot so I cannot advise but you can create separate x86 and x64 multilanguage install by integrating the needed language packs with WinToolkit

    Use any language as base to integrate the needed ones. When you install, a language selection box is presented to choose which language to install

    You can find here any needed language packs http://www.pcdiy.com/146/windows-7-service-pack-1-language-packs-download


  2. No problem. I plan this days an upgrade to Windows 10 to get the free upgrade. Than I'll install back Windows 7 from scratch since this install is from 30.11.2013.

    Than we'll see if there it's something botched in my system now. I'll keep you informed.

  3. Hi bphlpt.

    sorry for late reply, I was busy in the late time and also failed to find a good screen capture program that produce a reasonable small file to upload. Finally I found Spotlight Screenrecorder.

    The video shows how it goes for me. Starting with click on the last page of the thread > scroll to bottom > click on page 1> wait for Loading... (wait, wait, wait...) > click refresh page > page loads ok > scroll to bottom > click NEXT button > wait for Loading... (wait, wait, wait...)  > click refresh page > page loads ok > stop recording.

    The video is uploaded to Data File Host. Please uncheck Download with Secured Download manager https://www.datafilehost.com/d/51004bfd

    As I mentioned this is happening with all three browsers I checked.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  4. Windows 7 x64, Internet Explorer 11,Chrome 52.0.2743.82 or Firefox 47.0.1 the same thing.

    I usually select to go to the last page from the thread title and all is OK but than if I want to go back one page to read previous posts than it stuck on Loading... I need to hit refresh page to get to load the page

    If I select any of the pages from the first time from the thread title it goes right to that page so no problem accessing directly any of the pages.

  5. I don't know if this has been reported or not, but for me when use butons for prev/next or hit a page from the top or bottom go to page bar allways stuck on Loading circle, never gets to the page.

    This thing is for quite a while now.

  6. WOW, 10 threads for the same problem? What happened? Are you impatient?

    Your problem seems to be the version of the dism installed in your current system

    WinToolkit needs the latest version to work with W10. It can work with W7 and offer to download the dism for W8 but it doesn't recognize W10.

    We have to wait until Lego adds the support to recognize W10 and offer to download the dism for it.

    Until then do your homework and search the forum for the instruction to update the dism for W10.

  7. I don't use the integrated downloader anymore so I don't know how many updates are downloaded. I used to have problems matching the number of updates downloaded with the integrated vs. the WHDownloader so I stick to the last.

    Anyway, you will have some updates missing in WU becouse that's the way it works WU. It's database is not strictly corelated with superseded updates so it shows some that aren't neded anymore becouse there are new updates superseding the files in diferent updates.

    abbodi1406 is doing a nice job of filtering out just the updates that are currently needed and leave out the superseded.

    If you are looking closely to the size of the few offered updates you'll see that the sizes are variable and smaller than the real size of the update itself. Even the SP1 is a few MB vs 900+ the size of the SP1 pack.

    You can safely hide them or let WU install them, it's your choice.

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