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  1. Eventually I will get use to this new facelift...

    Two small suggestions:

    - I would rather liked if the advertisment banners were centered not left aligned

    - can the quote and like buttons be stickied to the bottom of the post frame rather than after the text (it's nice to know something is allways in that place not jump arround)

    Oh, and I appreciate that finally the read posts are marked as read when using back page.

  2. The setup language during installation process is english.

    How to put this in french please ?

    As you see in post #8 you can choose the language used in the setup proces as: My language is... Than you can also select what language will be default when the setup is finished.

    I don't know why isn't working for you.

  3. Hi mooms.
    Tested all scenarios, All is OK.
    Reformated what you pointed slightly better for our reading (romanian language) and added some dots at line endings to look better. Maybe you should add them too.
    One small notice to the finish line: For Java x86 the line is "Java SE %MAJ% Update %MIN% x86 has been installed" for the others "SE" isn't present. Is that intentional?


  4. Hi mooms.

    No problems here, just some questions...

    1. What happens that after the process the original installer file is bigger than before the process? Someway it is altered. It only happens with x86 version and not with x64.

    2. Would you consider to name the final file to mimic with other SFX installer names? Something with SFX_ prefix (SFX_jre-8u65-windows-i586.exe).

    Thank you.

  5. We have to wait for Lego to release an update for the v2.
    Some may want to use the test versions and don't buy the release. He protects the v2 test versions with expiration time since he intend to sell the program when it will be finished.

  6. Anyway, I was not able to reproduce your bug:

    I installed silent Java 8u40 Dual made with Java Multi Maker 2.5, then updated with original 8u60 installers, and Java was able to uninstall both versions of 8u40.



    I was deleting the Temp folders

    This is a problem!

    Some SFX-installers leave the install/uninstall file in the temp-folders, so if you delete those temp-SFX-folders....

    I got the same bug for other programs.


    7zip SFX always delete the temp folder once finished.

    (not the case of course if InstallPath= is used).


    But, as I said, even without the original setup files the uninstall went fine, so I don't know why ianymaty had encountered this bug.


    Reminder: uninstall strings for Java 8u60:


    MsiExec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83218060F0}



    MsiExec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F86418060F0}


    Only the part in bold changes between versions.

    It pretend it uninstalled succesfully once. After that the nag to uninstall older version came up so than was it searching for the missing file.

    That is I believe that I already had installed the same version by the original setup files and the same version by the Dual installer that was pointing to other location of the setup files. The first uninstall was succesful because it was removing the original installation. The other attempts to uninstall came up with the missing file because I was clearing the Temp folders and the files were missing. The file that was looking for I think was "jre_inst.msi" and "jre64_inst.msi" There are not the original names of the installers so that is why I had to recreate the path and names for them to be able to compleatly remove and uninstall them.

    mooms, thank you to look into this and try to explain but all that info from previous posts are too technical for me I'm affraid.

    So try this experiment: Install by Dual installer than clear AppData\Local\Temp\7ZipSfx.000\ than try to uninstall by Control panel. See what happens.

    I was suggesting to keep the original Temp path and names if it is possible so this will not happen anymore.

    As long as we can always make separate files for x86 and x64 I don't mind if the Dual installer is bigger as long as it replicates what the original installer does.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi mooms,

    I'll try to explain the situation that I get into and maybe you'll find a solution for this to not happen anymore. Anyway I fixed my problem and I'll tell you how.

    So here it is: On the system was 8u40 (x86/x64) version installed with your Dual installer. No problem so far.

    When the new version 8u60 was released the nag screen appeared and I chose to update than the installer wanted to uninstall the old version. It said it was succesfull uninstalation.

    Now comes the tricky part. From time to time the nag screen wants to uninstall the old version again and again. Only that it not finds the file that it needs to run the uninstall.

    Since it was nagging me I started to look to fix it. I tried to uninstall from Control panel with no success, the same missing file. Without it it will not uninstall. I searched for the exact older version to try use it to uninstall. No success. I tried the Java uninstall tool and JavaRa, still no success.

    Even if the new installers have the ability to remove the old versions I was unable to remove the old version.

    I looked over to the path where it seeks for the file and it points to ...AppData\Local\Temp\7ZipSfx.000\ than it flashed to my mind to extract the original installer to that folder.

    I was deleting the Temp folders so I had to recreate the path. Now I found that the name of the file was not the same. I renamed the temp file than the uninstall was completed succesfully and the old version finally was gone.

    Now I kindly ask you (and dare you :) ). Can you make the SFX_installer to replicate the original setup Temp path and names so this will not happen anymore?

    Thank you!

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