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  1. Yes, I've changed RAM for few IBM laptops at work, but it's so easy to order the wrong one. My boss is ordering laptop memory and often make mistakes :thumbsdown_anim:

    In Denmark (where i live), we have a site called www.memoryx.dk , here you can find nearly ALL RAM for ALL models ;) ,

    And I have speaked with the site owner, and he has given me the right link :)

  2. I never tried this. I'd give it to authorized service center to replace the CPU. I think that you should contact them for any upgrade you want to do..

    Well, i think I can handle the RAM thing, but about the CPU, you are probably right, .. :)

  3. 1. Vista Joke:

    ctrl-alt-del’ will now be known as ‘hasta la vista'

    2. How do you make "holy water" ?

    You take some regular water and boil the hell out of it!

  4. BTW:

    Go to system32, use the "search" and write CPL in the search field, you will get the most of the control panel stuff....

    Like sound manager, clock/date and FIREWALL...

    select them all and COPY , and NOT move... COPY them to some other folder, open them with reshack and do awesome stuff to it ! :D

    Remember to have a backup ready if you scr** it up....

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