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  1. @Cluberti, going to download and burn Ubuntu in a minute, :)

    Btw: The encrypted Thumb files are 0-byte files.


    'Error: The object could not be deleted' - unlocker :(

    Lol, and now another problem... In Vista x64, my SVCHOST.EXE (services) has begun to eat all my memory... It haven't done that before, it began to do it yesterday... after I installed PAINT.NET (Does it configure the framework under install?)

  2. Hi guys! :)

    One day I was sorting my 500gb external usb harddisk, I had reached my GFX section, and began to move pic's around. At some point, it said 'unable to delete, file not found blabla'. So I tried CHKDSK... Still nothing, I tried command promt... Still nothing... No matter what I try, it fails to delete the file (XP/VISTA/UBUNTU afair). It's insane if I need to reformat, so I was thinking that maybe you guys had a solution.


    I have this now:

    E:\Graphix\Strange ****

    E:\Graphix\Strange ****\January 2008

    E:\Graphix\Strange ****\January 2008\Thumbs.db:encryptable

    E:\Graphix\Strange ****\XCF

    E:\Graphix\Strange ****\XCF\Thumbs.db:encryptable

    ANY help is highly appreciated! :)

  3. 8_0-ge-front2.gif

    Alright, BullGuard have released a "Gamers Edition" of their BullGuard internet security program. The BETA is only available to download if you have signed up for the BETA.

    The gamers edition include a feature called "GAMING" which has profiles which you can modify/edit for your needs when launching a specific game. (Example, when I play Counter-Strike, I want to turn off my firewall and AV, I can let BullGuard do it automatically each time I launch Counter-Strike).

    Home page here

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