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  1. I have to admit that I am a Google Chrome fan from the early beta stages, but I've recently started to use IE9 side by side with Chrome and I am fairly surprised with its performance.

    There's no doubt that this is the best IE so far, but there are still alot of compatibility issues with some pages.

    What is your experience and thoughts on IE9 so far?

    I am using chrome from last 2 years its beat for me

    because of its browsing speed. sometime i also used

    IE9, its good but not the best as chrome.

  2. Hello to ALL !

    I'm Sorin from Romania, i repair computers and i tweak operating system in my free time.

    Hello every one , i am Bret Brown and

    i am from United kingdom.I have just started

    to learn SEO.I am new in this forum and i am

    very happy to be here.

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