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  1. The code for WinToolkit has been reengineered and the false positive on some antivirus do not appear anymore 😃!

    A new public version will be released in the first week of january 2020.

    Please don't ask before for the new version!



  2. 7 hours ago, pennsylvaniaron said:


    "Important: This update (KB4524102) is included in the Security and Quality Rollup that's dated October 8, 2019. Parts of this update were previously released in the Security and Quality Rollup on September 24, 2019."


    Yes, they say that, but they mean the Rollup for NET-FW, not the one for Windows!

    It must be installed after you installed NET-FW 4.8!

  3. 8 hours ago, pennsylvaniaron said:

    I would think it should work regardless because its independent of the bios since it is a change in the registry. Try it in a NON VM environment.

    Somehow it has to do with UEFI too, on my Test-PC it doesn't work too.

    Only if Macrium Reflect and its boot-GUI are installed the tweak works.

    But if MR and its boot-GUI are installed the Safe Mode is reachable too; OK, a bit "hidden" but reachable, so I don't need the tweak.

    I installed Macrium (at least the Free Version) on all my VMs and real HW.

    Please correct your post, other users will be grateful.


  4. 2 hours ago, pennsylvaniaron said:

    Hkey_Local_Machine, System, Control Set, Control, Session Manager, Configuration Manager

    Hi Ron,

    this is a little wrong, I think it should be

    Hkey_Local_Machine, System, CurrentControl Set, Control, Session Manager, Configuration Manager 😉

    One question:

    do you know, if it should work with UEFI-System too?

    I tried it in my UEFI-VM and it doesn't work, even if I didn't get errors;

    in the BIOS- VM it works.


  5. 7 hours ago, mooms said:

    Le système en lui-même me semble plus réactif que Windows 7, mais l'OS n'étant pas le même difficile de dire si c'est le passage à 10, le NVMe, ou tout simplement l'installation fraiche.

    I think is a bounch of all!

    I switched to Win 10 since a month too, but I'll keep Win 7 until EOL because of remote-maintenance of three PCs in Italy.

    My board (FM2+) does not support NVMe directly, so I used an extra-PCIe-card and a specialboot-loader (Clover).


  6. On 9/14/2019 at 9:49 AM, rhahgleuhargh said:


    Voici le changelog du mois :



    there is another KB for september, the SSU KB4516655 (i got it requested on all my VMs)!

    "Paket details" on MCU says it is a replacement for KB4490628, but it is not true, at least for installations with the "Convenience Rollup"-methode.

    Putting it in WTK instead of KB4490628 (Prerequisites) gives out "Question marks" in front of some KBs, putting it in the "Updates"-section without KB4516655 in the prerequisites gives "Question marks" on other KBs, so i put it under "Updates" with KB4490628 left under "Prerequisites": no issues more!

    Have a nice week.

  7. @rhahgleuhargh & @pennsylvaniaron

    Just as hint, in case you want to work with ADK on the autounattended.xml from Windows Answer File Generator:

    you will get a syntax error from ADK if you load the autounattended.xml!

    There is a bug I emailed today to the HomePage, you should a line to the top:


    Windows 10 Answer File Generator
    Created using Windows AFG found at:
    Installation Notes
    Notes: Enter your comments here...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    Windows 10 Answer File Generator
    Created using Windows AFG found at:
    Installation Notes
    Notes: Enter your comments here...

    As I said, on loading the answer-file in ADK!

    20 hours ago, pennsylvaniaron said:

    I have an activated win 7 home premium machine in my basement. I'll change the HD and install win 10 home. Theoretically it should activate with a digital license

    I'm not sure it will activate, but you can generate a GenuineTicket.xml and activate with it.

    Instructions (from point 3. to 5.)



    1. Optional: Validate your copy of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.x
    2. Install all necessary drivers e.g. ethernet & wireless card
    3. Open your Windows 10 ISO and extract gatherosstate.exe from the sources folder to your desktop
    4. Run gatherosstate.exe and wait for the GenuineTicket.xml file to be created
    5. Copy the GenuineTicket.xml to a USB thumb drive or something
    6. Boot to your Windows 10 USB or DVD and perform a fresh install
    7. Disable your internet connection
    8. Copy GenuineTicket.xml to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket\ and then reboot
    9. Connect online and you should be activated

    Then detach the Win7 HDD, attach a new HDD or SSD and install Win10 (point 6.).

    Now follow point 7., 8., 9.

    W10 is activated.

  8. 21 minutes ago, vmk said:

    Can I just replace newer Wintoolkit version over existing version? Why I'm asking this is,  I need the already stored ini files which I made for different editions.

    I think you mean the last sessions, do you?

    Yes , you can; but for safety you can backup the folder "Last sessions".

  9. 1 hour ago, mcluskyism said:

    do you think I could be happy to stay with the original v1_1.7.0.0 version, and drop the German releases?

    There is no german version of WTK! Or what do you mean?

    Intermediate releases:

    Silly me, I have them :rolleyes:!

    If you want I can uploade them on mega.nz and give you the link.

    Anyway, in the last days I couldn' have the on my PC, MSE did identify it as virus; after the MSE-Update of yesterday it hasn't been identified as virus anymore and the too.


  10. Buongiorno e benvenuto!


    This is a "false positive", Microsoft Security Essentials identifies it too as a virus, but with another name, depending on the status of the definitions.

    Do you antivirus have the possibility to set the program as OK? MSE has that possibility.

    BTW, since yesterday the version has been released; MSE does NOT identify this version as infected.

    You can download the new version on win-unattended.de.


  11. * Added Imagex x64
    * NEW: Tools > Imaging > ESD Manager
    * NEW: All-In-One Integrator > Tweaks > Microsoft Edge
    * Added "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge > Block Popups 
    * Added "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge > Change Theme
    * Added "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge > Disable Flash Player
    * Added "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge > Disable Windows Defender SmartScreen
    * Added "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge > Hide Desktop Icon
    * Added "Tweaks" > Hide Search Bar or Icon on Taskbar [Win 10]
    * NEW: All-In-One Integrator > Silent Installs + SFX > .vbs Script Support
    * Updated WinToolkitRunOnce.exe to v1.5.4.5 for .vbs Scripts    

    Have a nice weekend!

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