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  1. Thats dammed good! It sounds like the Perfect Windows 7 x64 gaming "OS" with all the crap removed!

    I am still in the learning stages, i have used Rt 7 before to integrate updates and remove languages ect, but

    thats about it!

    It would be gret to have a xbox/ps3 style gaming frontend/os!

    Thank you very much. All that is result of about 2 years of testing images, y'know. Right now, Booster is about to get an upgrade, so I don't know how much will my WIM file decrease to. I'm just waiting for its new version to be released. I also wonder how much would I slim a x86 image...

  2. Hello Legolash20. I have lots of experience slimming down Windows 7, but none of it was earned with Win Toolkit. The main reason is because I started with RT 7 Lite, and now I want to try your software. The only reason I prefer RT 7 Lite rather than Win Toolkit is that Win Toolkit has WAY less components available to remove than RT 7 Lite. Is that ever going to change? I would really like to use your software because RT 7 Lite is a dead project. Appart from that, your tool is just great. Hope you answer.


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