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  1. Sorry for such a late answer:

    Sometimes I've the same problem for office 2010, i dont know how it created...

    I've readed for that case you need to install sp1 first then sp2, same for update folder.

    But this make no sense in my mind, microsoft self write to this, that sp2 ~complete~ replace sp1.


    Otherwise it can be happen when you install a pre-sp2 update (means a update for an install with sp1) after you installed sp2.

    But I use abbodi1406's update source, and im very sure that he dont include pre-sp2-updates in his office 2010 post-sp2 repository...


    By the way: Same stuff for KB2919355, solutions welcome...

  2. Thank you for report.

    Yea the pack need some improvements, but its hard to find.


    I think windows use just the microsoft drivers, if anything missed it use they with latest time-stamp.

    I can recommend to install missiing drivers via device-manager and backup just the needed


    Have you please a WinToolKit error log file?

    I try to update all..



    Done. I have renewed my pack.

    Fresco i found just not archives, same for prolific.

    Would be nice if anybody can upload driver-folder.

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