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    alfreire reacted to abbodi1406 in [SOLVED] Explorer-Tweaks by .reg-file   
    ;1[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced]"NavPaneShowAllFolders"=dword:00000001;2[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced]"HideDrivesWithNoMedia"=dword:00000000;3[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CabinetState]"FullPath"=dword:00000001"Settings"=hex:0C,00,02,00,0B,01,00,00,60,00,00,00as for 4, there is no generic or simple settingeach folder type has different values, each view type has different values as well
    see here:
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    alfreire reacted to GlacialMan in [Slim] doPDF 8.2.929 installer   
    doPDF v8.3.933 is available.
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] VMware Workstation Lite 12.1.0-3272444   
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.41212   
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [AIO] Microsoft Visual B/C++/F#/J# Redistributable x86/x64   
    Install after login, not during wintoolkit software install
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    alfreire got a reaction from -=R3p4ck3R=- in [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 v12.3.3154 [Multilang]... ;-)   
    [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 v v12.3.3154 [Multilang]... ;-)
    -To Silent install use /silent or /verysilent...
    -No install Toolbars or other junks...
    Thanks to @darkblood by his installer & silent switches... http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12693-repack-avast-free-antivirus-v902021515-repack-with-silent-install-switch/#entry115021
    Regards... ;-)


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    alfreire reacted to nonno fabio in [Tool] DX Tool x86/x64   
    DXTool x64 v1.2.1.1
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Hash MD5 DD7B4EB2CBE0330F73D855C8FAEFAD98
    Filesize: 2.13 MB (2228224 bytes)  
    DXTool x86 v1.2.1.1
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Update (22 March 2017)
    Hash MD5 C06B72F253342DEDDE16D373BA619EC1
    Filesize: 2.09 MB (2192896 bytes)  
    This handy tool for Send To menu includes CabTool, Reg2Inf & Inf2Reg converters, Tweaks True AddOn Creator, Grant Full Admin Control tool (Permissions and Ownership: 4 times faster than subinacl.exe & SetAcl.exe) and in the latest version, ISO tool (oscdimg.exe - Microsoft CD/DVD Premastering Utility - GUI) UPX GUI, Set Hash and other useful tools

    Double-click on DXtool.exe to install links in Send To menu and run DXTool.exe /Remove to remove them.
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] MSI Afterburner   
    new version with new skin: v4.1.1 :thumbsup_anim:
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] Wise Care 365 3.95.353 Pro Giveaway   
    because this app will create key in HKLM\SOFTWARE & HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node if using 64bit OS
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    alfreire reacted to VandIT in MediaInfo Lite 21.03   
    MediaInfo Lite
    created with Inno Setup Bundle Download | MediaInfo Lite

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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)   
    No need, these are already present in the hotfix rollup
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    alfreire reacted to bphlpt in Repack installer request?   
    Glad to help.  You are welcome to use this in your pack however you like.  
    Cheers and Regards
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    alfreire reacted to VandIT in Inno Setup Bundle 6.2.0   
    Inno Setup Bundle
    created with Inno Setup Bundle Ansi / Unicode Version Components:
    InnoEx InnoUnp RegToISS InnoIDE  RegExporter  RegConverter  Script Studio Skin Builder Download | Inno Setup Bundle

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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Adobe Shockwave Player   
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    alfreire reacted to Viktor Pavlov Valkov in Windows Installation - Where I can change the modification date   
    I want to share with you what i found here:
    Converter for the date and time:
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    alfreire reacted to NIM in Upgrade issues   
    Dear members and visitors,
    we sincerely apologize for the troubles in the past 2 days.
    As you may have seen we tried to upgrade our forum software to the latest version but due to large server issues we had to revert the upgrade and make a restore of the site.
    During this process we have lost some of the posts and some of the newly registered members.
    Once again we apologize for all the trouble caused.
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    alfreire reacted to alan_fox in [Repack] Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0.1210.13 [Revision 1]   
    Download: RGhost , Daily Uploads
    Product Name: Java SE Runtime Environment
    File Name: jre-8u121-b13-windows-dual-r1.exe
    Version: 8.0.1210.13 (x86 + x64) [Revision 1]
    Size: 86.9 MB
    Date: 2/2/2017
    MD5: 65BF12ED2EADF212503A8F88C1A6E43B
    Virus Scan Result: VirusTotal [ 0 / 54 ]
    Disable Java Update
    Enables Java applications in the browser
    Not to reboot the system after installation
    Disallow the installer to send installation-related statistics to an Oracle server
    Stops the installer creating any start menu shortcuts
    Install x86 and x64 packages by default
    Java installation options (Run with /? to show)
    Supported SFX Language:
    Chinese - Taiwan                                 1028
    German - Germany                              1031
    Spanish - Spain (Traditional)               1034
    French - France                                  1036
    Italian - Italy                                         1040
    Japanese                                             1041
    Korean                                                 1042
    Portuguese - Brazil                              1046
    Swedish - Sweden                               1053
    Chinese - China                                   2052
    Disable extraction dialog, only install x86 packages and create start menu shortcuts.
    <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai NOSTARTMENU=0 Install x86 and x64 packages, custom installation directory and disable extraction dialog.
    <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files (x86)\Java" <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai2 INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java"
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    alfreire reacted to Shodan2000 in Silent installs   
    this works perfectly for me (32 and 64 Bit) for the Visual Runtimes.

    START /WAIT "Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime x86" "%~dp0vcredist2005SP1_x86.exe" /q:aSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime x64" "%~dp0vcredist2005SP1_x64.exe" /q:aSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime x86" "%~dp0vcredist2008SP1_x86.exe" /q:aSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime x64" "%~dp0vcredist2008SP1_x64.exe" /q:aSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Runtime x86" "%~dp0vcredist2010SP1_x86.exe" /passive /norestartSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Runtime x86" "%~dp0vcredist2010SP1_x64.exe" /passive /norestartSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2012 Runtime x86" "%~dp0vcredist2012_x86.exe" /passive /norestartSTART /WAIT "Visual C++ 2012 Runtime x64" "%~dp0vcredist2012_x64.exe" /passive /norestart
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] Eraser   
    Source: Eraser
    Released: 13-April-2015
    About: Completely removes sensitive data from hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

    - Language files
    - BlackBox
    - .NET Framework 4 Web Installer
    - Run Eraser at Windows startup
    - Desktop shortcut

    Name: Eraser_6.2.0.2969.exe
    Size: 7,10MB
    MD5: F6827037BB1AC8D662DD0A3301F0D10E
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v9lh8m3p48ceivt/Eraser_6.2.0.2969.exe
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    alfreire reacted to Hellpell in Windows AiO Runtime Pack x86 x64   
    Thanks for silent installer for visual 2015
    Excuse me for my english, but i am a French.
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Legacy] .NET Framework AIO for XP x86 (1-10-2016)   
    1.1: 3037572
    2.0: 3037577, 3048798
    4.0: 3037578
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    alfreire reacted to ajua in μTorrent v3.4.3.40097 [RePacked by Ruben Alamina]   
    Hi, guys, I'm the author.
    I didn't know one of my custom installers was posted here. My installers are always up to date, so feel free to visit my site anytime.
    Thanks for giving me credit. It would be great to know when/if another of my installers is posted so I can visit the thread to answer any questions or doubts.
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] IDM Backup Manager 0.9.8 beta   
    Source: IDM_Backup_Manager_Setup0.9.8.exe
    Released: January 5th, 2015
    Backup files from Internet Download Manager and restore then later when you want. Also include cleaner and IDM List Manager.

    regid.1995-09.com.example inside C:\ProgramData

    Added InstallDelete & UninstallDelete into iss script for clean uninstallation:

    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userappdata}\IDM Backup Manager"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userdocs}\IDM Backup Files"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userappdata}\IDM Backup Manager"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userdocs}\IDM Backup Files"

    Filename: IDM_Backup_Manager_Setup0.9.8_Repack.exe
    Size: 1,68MB
    MD5: 2C3D2EDD7EA309DE782C0777293DA632
    Download: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/21e06613

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    alfreire reacted to darkblood in [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus v9.0.2021.515 RePack with Silent Install Switch   
    I created an updated silent.exe. Avast 2015 current version (from 04.2015) works on x86, x64 Win8.1,Win7. Just double click to install it, switches are not needed. Junk was removed and will not install with Avast.
    EDIT: Check this thread for download-link.
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Tweaked] Skype (Multilanguage)   
    Thanks for the heads up, updated
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