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  1. Just type : bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes
  2. Lets list out some sources to learning programming languages
  3. What are those two buttons extra side of minimize and maximize buttons?
  4. Yea, And btw what do you think about UI?
  5. First I didn't see your post, so i replied asking "Any other way to do it? using tools or something", Later I saw ricktendo64's reply and then edited my post and then its shows that
  6. Ahhh... I guess in C:\Windows\Distributions
  7. Thanks, Was looking for this for my friends
  8. It might be due to Anti-Virus. If not clean your system temporary files and try again. Works great for me.
  9. Should I use Windows 8 Release Preview? As a dev I want to know
  10. If your windows 8 release preview is hanging many times, Then upgrade your NVIDIA Driver to latest 302.80 UPDATE: Microsoft has released an update via Windows Update fixing this issue. http://www.withinwin...reezing-issues/
  11. Agree dude, I think its the end of Windows
  12. Thanks a lot! Worked like charm.
  13. Any way by which we can get it? I mean some tools or something?
  14. Anyone knows how to get Aero back in Windows 8? I want Aero just like Windows 7
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