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Status Updates posted by ricktendo

  1. Sent laptop to shop, its a lost cause they could not repair it

    1. Jonnyboy


      sorry to hear that, send me the mb info, maybe i can find one

  2. OMFG kidney stones must hurt

    1. NIM


      Terrible pain :(

    2. Kelsenellenelvian


      Yes very bad pain. Enough to double me over and make me cry like a bitch.

  3. I want to make a video tutorial on how to pre-install apps in Windows 7

    1. j0keer12


      amm oye ricktendo64 amm ya no salen mas los updatepack verdad amm me podrias agregar al msn porfavor: pedro_badboy@live.com

  4. And Happy New Year!

  5. Se usa nLite para integrarlo

  6. Love the new favicon

    1. NIM


      LOL, you've already noticed it :)

    2. ricktendo


      Did you create it?

      Gr8 job :o

    3. NIM


      Nope, VJ did. You know him :)

  7. Nothing like a fresh install

  8. Si, soy de Utila vivo en La Ceiba

  9. Happy Belated Birthday :D

  10. No estoy baneado es solo una broma, es mi titulo personalizado yo escribi eso yo mismo :P

  11. Happy Birfday m8

  12. Happy Birthday :D

  13. Happy birthday m8, did not know you were a member :D

  14. Happy birthday m8

  15. Happy Birthday... In 1 more year you will be able to have sex legally with your teachers LOL j/k

    Happy Birthday dude :P

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