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  1. Just wanted to officially announce I am retiring, been trying to make a living so I've not had much time to dedicate to updating any repacks nor moderate. When I have time I will try to continue updating just a handful of the essentials but I will try to keep this to a minimum. (Anybody feel free to pick up where I left off)

    Thanks to all users and staff, its been a fun decade chatting with you all


  2. Updated installer with latest 7zsd sfx, should reduce any false positive virus warnings

    Off Topic: Also launching my own site/forum Repacks.NET, will of course continue on WinCert (been here for 10 years)

    Also planning on getting rid once and for all of AdFly bull****... Also guys I hope you can help me get ricktendo.info domain off the malware list (thanks to tedexmonster for providing the domain and ftp all this time)

    Heres how you can help, I already submitted it for review and cleaned up installers with new 7zsd sfx files


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