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  1. Quick Launch bar during Windows Setup v0.3.0

    quicklaunchreszb1.th.png quicklaunchnetpq3.th.png

    While I was creating my Update Pack, I thought it would be really usefull to get easy access to some utilites like cmd.exe, regedit.exe, taskmgr.exe, a file explorer, Firefox, cpu-z...

    So I decided to create my own Quick Launch bar to suit my needs. As it's a little tricky to set up, this program comes like an addon. You just have to integrate it to your source with RVMi 1.5+.


    Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition v3.0.1

    FreeCommander 2008.06b (default file explorer, Windows Explorer wouldn't work during installation)

    HWMonitor v1.10

    CPU-Z 1.46

    Solitaire, FreeCell, Minesweeper, Spider Solitaire & Hearts : only if they are present on your Windows CD. Otherwise, they won't be copied and won't appear on the list (so you can remove them with nLite if you wish)

    resolution changer coded by myself

    All components contained into the listbox are optional : so after integrating this addon, if you need to save space, you can remove its in OEM\QuickLch\Apps. LixBox shows only what is present in this directory. If it finds nothing, listbox will be hidden. By the way, don't remove Firefox neither A43 as they are avalaible through buttons.

    Avalaible translations : English, French, Chinese. (Feel free to ask a translation)



    - Updated CPU-Z to v1.47

    - Updated HWMonitor to v1.11

    - fixed a bug preventing this addon to be integrated simultaneouslywith other addons/updatepacks

    - Improved Resolution changer window (now filtered with color quality)

    - Added Spider Solitaire & Hearts : only if they are present on your Windows CD.

    - Added FreeCommander. Replaced A43 File Management

    - Based on WINNT.SIF method : no more hacked setup neither presetup.cmd


    - Added Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition

    - Added HWMonitor

    - Added CPU-Z

    - Added Solitaire, FreeCell, Minesweeper : only if they are present on your Windows CD.

    - Added a tool to change resolution


    - Added Chinese translation

    - Minor internal changes


    - Initial release

    Quick Launch Delphi Source v0.3.0

    MD5: 5744E0240CD389EB33E3616F58FAB5DF

    Size: 38.9KB

    Quick Launch AddOn v0.3.0

    MD5: FFA3BC8543455C386B998DCEAAC65599

    Size: 11.8MB

    Licence: GPL


    yumeyao : chinese traduction



  2. 2 Kal

    how often do you run in 16 color mode ? sure, 4-bits were included by MS for compatibility... but are they being used, now ? :g:

    only in some rare cases like regedit.exe. it could be easier to fix problematic ones... personally, i see everything running fine without 4-bits :D

    The problem is not removing those 4bits icons, it's the way you made it. I don't know how you did, but it created a lot of weird things in some res files, you can get their names in my previous posts. For some, it changed icon id, for others, and that's worst, it removed some high res icons.



  3. Hmm, icon 260 in shell32.res contains only 16x16 resolution wheras the one in V'ISO b8.2.1 contains high res. Is it wanted or is it another bug introduced by removing 4bits icons ?


    EDIT : Same thing for icon 265. I can't chem them all but I'm afraid there's a lot of cases like that :s

    EDIT 2 : icon 36/38 res 48x48 are gone too...

    EDIT 3 : icon 38, in addition to loose 48x48 res, is only avalaible in 8 bits. Why did you remove these 4bits icons :(

  4. so the default auto play isint affected, only for portable devices?this dosent include usb keys?

    also for logonui thx(i will edit the batch file to fix the space i added), but we truly DO need to erase the edited sections,ive done many tests and its a no go if i dont proceed this way.as for 4 bit icons...urgh i dunno if i have the will to go thru each and every res....since you are able to reproduce the error could you please test patching the original file with a res that contains the 4 bit icons ,and while ure at it,also test ure resolution theory,this would help me alot.thx

    -but this brings me to an other question, why arent other things affected by this?there are tons of other resourses that affect driver dlls and such,the only other similar problem is the prompt of the ide channel on first boot that me and dougie have experianced,but opther than that i cant say ive had any other problem. so

    we really must find out exactly the source of the problem.

    dougie; whats the problem with mce and bliss?

    Ok I just made the some testing without High res icons and 4 bits : everything is working. So, the only reason because your res files corrupts wpd_ci.dll is because icon indexes are wrong : they begin at "4" instead of "1". The original wpd_ci.dll.res found in last version of V'ISO doesn't have this bug, so that let me think that bug appeared when you removed 4 bits icons. It changed indexes value of icons for some files, and now weird things happen. Could you please tell me what is the bug about ide device prompt?

    If you can go back to res files with 4 bits icons, that would keep us for these kinds of bugs.


  5. Just found a bug in wpd_ci.dll.res. This one breaks Mobile Device autoplay window. Indeed, if we don't hack this dll, here is the autoplay window that should popup when you connact a Mobile Device :


    But if we hack it, this window will never popup and thus will break Device Mobile support. Indeed, we will get this window each time you boot windows, and it will always file to install drivers :


    So, now we need to know why wpd_ci.dll.res corrupts wpd_ci.dll. Is it because you removed 4 bits icons or because you dropped 128x128/200x200/256x256 icons, or because indexes are wrong ?

    wpd_ci.dll comes with WMP11 and already contains the same icons as in wpd_ci.dll.res, so we don't need to hack it. But it's interesting to know the reason of this bug. If it's because of 4 bits removal, then I do advise you to re-add all those 4 bits icons. It doesn't hurt and there's a reason for microsoft to include them. And we really don't care about space saving.



  6. yes but it wont del the strings/bmps/uifile lines etc that it dosent need.

    As I said : all these resources are overwritten :

    • There's only one UIFILE (id 1000) - will be overwritten
    • All bitmaps in original logonui.exe are in logonui.exe.res, so they will be all overwritten
    • One string table - will be overwritten

    It doesn't hurt to remove them as you do, it's just a wast of time.

    Anyways, there's some typo mistakes in your new cmd file, one more reason to not delete these resources ;)

    %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", String Table,,

    Should be :

    %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", stringtable,,


  7. yeah, but i dunno if ill have time to investigate and fix it 2 day/nite

    here is a quick fix till i can re upload:

    3 logonui sections that need to be fixed in the batch, you should be able to copy paste this

    %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", UIFILE,,
    %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", Bitmap,,
    %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", String Table,,

    right b4 this line which is the original line
    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%

    sorry for the problems,i got alot of things going on in my life nowa days.

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or not : Resource hacker will overwrite these sections with logonui.exe.res, no need to remove them before. Correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

  8. A little question about logonui.res.exe:

    Why changing stringtable to replace arial/tahoma for segoe ui if you don't include segoe ui fonts in your pack? Moreover, comparing with logonui.exe from SP3, a lot of strings has been removed, is there any reason for it?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :thumbsup_anim:

  9. Hi there,

    I'm trying to make my own theme patcher based on this one, for french version. I just saw some strang things in sysdm.cpl.res: all resource that are not modified in this file should not be included. Same thing applies to every other resources files, but I can't check them all.

    Here is the modified version


    EDIT : in resource Dialog 101, I don't like the : "Customized By:/XP-tsp Version:". We know you want to be famous, but comon, it doesn't really look professional :pirate:

    Same thing for mmsys.cpl.res

  10. Bug in deskapd.dll.res dialog 200 : button List All Modes is hidden

    edit : why capitalising every word in dialog 200 of deskperf.dll.res?

    edit : ieframe.dll.mui.res seems useless : it just changes the size of a dialog window, and it doesn't look very good.

    edit : why all these dialogs in inetcpl.cpl ? they don't come with inetcpl.cpl when we open it in reshacker

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