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  1. kaylar, do you still have the problem?

    yes, ieframe.mui it's still compressed

    and this is why


    set name=ieframe

    set name1=dll

    set ext=mui

    set com=mui

    if not exist "i386\%name%.%com%" set com=mu_

    if not exist "i386\%name%.%com%" goto iepeers

    %xp% "i386\%name%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name%.mui" >nul

    if exist "i386\%name%.%com%" Del "i386\%name%.%com%" >nul

    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%com%", "%tmp%\%name%.%com%", "%res%\8%name%.%name1%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%name1%.%ext%

    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%com% >nul

    if exist "i386\%name%.%com%" %cp% /v /y "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%name%.%ext%" goto iepeers

    %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%name%.mu_" >nul

    the second bolded line is not executed because "i386\%name%.%com%" was deleted before so it's cabbing the file

  2. ah man, its ben changed again? im not sure if the ie8 addon and the all in one update pack addon are synched or not but this is begining to be a pain. soem time its cabed some times its not depending of the version of the addon/update pack. i might do one last update cuz there are still a few things i think needs to be finalized but id realy wish everyone would use the xptspgui.

    but thx for noticing tho.

    I like this method (manual batch addon) better. Dos commands are saints. :type:

  3. Thanks but still the same issue.

    here is what I get


    and I need that setup.exe tries to launch XPpro\\i386\\WINNT32.exe instead of i386\\WINNT32.exe

    Please try to make it like the one in the pack with Autoplay folder which contains setup.cdd. You can also give me the source and I'll try to make it how I need it. Which way is easy for U.

    Thanks for your time

  4. I'm installing winamp from a batch file which looks like this

    winamp5541_pro_all.exe /S

    pskill winamp.exe

    pskill winampa.exe

    pskill eMusicClient.exe

    Winamp_Essentials_v5.541.exe /S

    "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp\eMusic\Uninst-eMusic-promotion.exe" /S

    "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp Remote\uninstall.exe" /S

    "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp Toolbar\uninstall.exe" /S

    wa5_coloreditor_2_1_2.exe /S

    deltree /y "%UserProfile%\Desktop\50 FREE MP3s from eMusic!.lnk"

    deltree /y "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\50 FREE MP3s from eMusic!.lnk"

  5. @bober:

    I've just finished verifying the batch script for WinXP SP3,WMP11,OnepieceIE7

    Problems found:

    hmmapi.mui.res is not apllied -> rename the res file hmmapi.dll.mui.res to hmmapi.mui.res

    XPRngOut.wav from the package is the same with that from SP3

    wucltui.mui.res file size is 0; the code is ok but there is nothing to patch

    and ofcource :spcplui section from the batch


    title XPtsp script Progress 72%%%...

    set name=spcplui

    set ext=dll

    set big=SPCPLUI

    set com=DL_

    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" set com=dll

    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" goto spider

    %xp% "i386\%big%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    if exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%

    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%ext% >nul

    set com=DL_

    %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%" >nul

  6. xpnetdg.ex_ in the original source contains xpnetdiag.exe after XPtsp it contains xpnetdg.exe; it's no problem because in txtsetup.sif is renamed to xpnetdiag.exe

    U can change it into this if U want. tested and working

    set name=xpnetdg
    set name1=xpnetdiag
    set ext=exe
    set big=XPNETDG
    set com=EX_
    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" set com=exe
    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" goto xpsp1res
    %xp% "i386\%big%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name1%.%ext%"
    if exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%"
    if exist "i386\%name1%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name1%.%ext%"
    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name1%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name1%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%
    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name1%.%ext%
    set com=EX_
    %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name1%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%"

    dvdplay.exe.res is not applied because it's in driver.cab

    hmmapi.dll.mui.res and iexplore.exe.mui.res are not applied. Even U rename the resources to hmmapi.mui.res and iexplore.mui.res or u add a parameter "name1" (%rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%name1%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%)

    spcplui.dll.res is not applied because in XPtsp.bat refers to spcplui.exe, extension must be changed into dll

    "spcplui.dll Backup.res" is not needed in the package

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