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  1. OnePiece checked ClassIDs present in ie7.addreg (and in Vista, this is the reason because unpresent entries in IE7 update.inf were added) so he removed them in ie.inf.

    And what you wrote "cosmetic" version is correct "6,0,2900,5512" because that is OS version and not IE version.

    Your work was amazing too and OnePiece and I like your iepid and probably it will be added in next addon's versions.

    OnePiece and kontini

  2. 2.2.0 addon maker creates 250GB OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_v2.2.0_AddOn_TRK.7z on my C: drive.

    Compressed entire disk :D

    The addon maker is good but sometimes it may have problems with some applications like AVG antivirus (if you use it, disable it before start the addon maker)

    Thank you for zxian mirror.

    Your addon AND link both work like a charm.

    Thanx for hard work.

    Thank you. Usually I use zxian mirrors (tnx N1K) but this time I used adrive to calculate the amount of downloads. Bye

  3. I've made an autoit script, and it works as well with the Italian taskmgr.exe. If you want to try it, just put in the same folder taskmgr.exe and this executable and then run it. That's it!

    Note: Automatically it applies icons, bitmaps* and PEChecksum.


    md5: B260A4D79A6B41EDBF9992C1EE6D90B1

    filesize: 1,1 MB

    *Edit: now it preserves local numbers of resources

  4. Kontini, The OnePiece's IE7Addon is just great, but could You guys check for "Show Desktop.lnk" at Taskbar's Quick Lunch toolbar - is missing!

    Thanks a lot!

    I guess the problem can be another addon. I noticed sp3 don't accept


    so probably you inserted an addon that uses this command and your insallation results incorrect.

    I hope you are able to check this in your addons' infs.

    Note: Rick's sidebar uses this command.

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