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  1. @rhahgleuhargh

    abbodi told me at the NTlite forum that KB4095874 replace KB4054998 only for en-us systems, other languages like mine (german) still need KB4054998.  So I added KB4054998 to my update integration list and did a VM install. Now KB3122648 & KB2973112 aren't requested anymore. Hopefully the next Security and Quality Rollup will fix that.

  2. @rhahgleuhargh

    I'm using your your update list for nearly two years now with NTLite and I had never big issues with it. As far as I know NTLite is sorting the updates automatically for integration. For example KB2533552 is put directly in the run-once section. This month there seems to be an issue with KB4095874 which makes WU asking for KB3122648 & KB2973112. Last month there were no problems...

  3. 6 hours ago, rhahgleuhargh said:

    With th eRollup, some superseeded updates are asked and installed by WU, removed when you do a deep-clean, and reasked and installed, and so on. That's why the 2 DNF3.5.1 updates are added for the Rollup Hide W10 script.

    ok tried the multi - pass appraoch with NTlite => much better......only KB2813347 is still requested....

  4. 2 hours ago, rhahgleuhargh said:


    The reason is that NTLite doesn't carry on the new names of KB in the ULs (WTK respects the order 1-KBxxx.msu, 2- 3- 4- and so on), so it installs the Rollup before some updates that need to be integrated first. Using NTLite you should do a first pass with prerequisites + updates before rollup, and an other with Rollup + updates after Rollup.

    ok thx for the explanation...  was wondering about the new naming till now ;)  I will try try out the first pass thing and let nuhi know about it.....

    EDIT: Why has the RollUp HideW10 to suppress the net updates? Just a cosmetic thing for WU?


  5. Hi,

    I' using NTLite for integration and having some issues with the Convenience Rollup pack method.After downlading the updates with WUD I was able to intergrate them without any problems into an untouched Windows 7 SP1 ISO, but after installation WU demands 6 security updates (KB2813347, KB2912390, KB3035126, KB3078601, KB3109094, KB3110329). Does somebody know what is causing this issue? The classic method works without any problems.


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