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  1. One might start calling us XP fanboys LOL

    The size and requirements just get bigger and bigger, can't really say much until the final release but I hope Windows 7 is a fair but snappier than Vista :)

    Or maybe it will just bomb, Microsoft will be forced to put out a 4th service pack and folks will be porting from Windows 7 to XP :cool04: :P

  2. Yes I would say I am very pleased, a friend showed me amsn a while ago and I have been using ever since.

    It has everything I need

    - Skinable

    - Some neat plugins

    - Lots of options

    I was happy enough I made an installer of the latest SVN version with my favorite skin as default and favorite plugins enabled, it's not for everyone.. give it a shot and see if you like.

  3. Thanks for the reply rick, that was not my problem but it helped me fine my problem lol dope... :oops:

    IE7 was suppose to be installed but was not and considering I pretty much remove all shortcuts and never use it, I did not notice anyways that was the problem soon as I installed it everything was normal.

    I forget if I asked you this before, to keep my settings after a reinstall for the sidebar all I have to do is copy this folder and move it back after install %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar

  4. Yeah rick I have had issues with it using more and more mem, that is beside the point right now.

    After some upgrades to my system, I reinstalled my OS with the same CD as last time but for some reason I am having major issues with some gadgets.

    - Imps CPU meter just shows a white box

    - Gmail gadget shows a box when I try to login, the box is empty and when I click ok it go's white and stays or I can press cancel, then it go's way but does not log me in.

    - Network meter from hobby lounge is showing little white glitches

    Did I forget to install something this time, I have reinstalled the sidebar and such but still no luck, I really really need this Gmail gadget makes life so much easier. If you know anything I might be missing let me know, I installed sidebar on my W2K3 setup as last time, right click INF.

  5. I would say 6 months is good for thermal paste and for me I change my liquid in my cooling system, I actually just redid my system this weekend.

    Did some upgrades, new thermal paste on CPU GPU and Northbridge, SB should be fine. My system gets very dusty, I would say it needs cleaning out more than every 6 months.

    Never heard the eraser trick either, wonder if it is really necessary ?

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