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  1. I have successfully applied some arctic silver 5 CPU paste on my UX's CPU and have OC'ed from 1.2ghz to 1.3ghz stable.

    It was a fun but yet scary process, the UX is very small with lots of different size screws.

    Just thought I would share my adventure, maybe I will post some pictures of the unit apart.

  2. Alright everyone I have found the file which has caused me some problems, driver wizard window popping up at RunOnceEx.

    :banned2: --> desk.cpl.res <--- :guns: :bomb: :notworking:

    This has caused me pain and suffering over the course of many days and long nights.

    Now can anyone tell me where that bitmap is placed in Windows and those icons in this file ?

  3. @Jig Saw

    I normally do this,

    - Fresh source

    - Integrate SP3 ( nLite, nuhi done a very nice job here )

    - Media player 11 ( booogy slip )

    - Copy over my huge $OEM$ folder ( specific to my setup )

    - Copy WPI folder ( highly suggested, thanks kel )

    - Run nLite ( do everything except drivers )

    - DPs BASE ( driver integration, guys over at driverpacks.net )

    - V'ISO ( ricks amazing work )

    - RunBox Patcher ( again thank rick for this one )

    Last 3 you can switch around with no issues, while I have been dealing with this problem I have not been using RunBox Patcher. I am actually close to finding which file/files is causing the problem 21 left to go :)


    The order I used will work fine for you.

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