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  1.  Posted 31 July 2013 - 09:38 PMWhen my employment ends on 1st September, I will have lots more time to work on WinToolkit and of course University studies 

    But he couldn't keep his promise, because his studies take up too much time ?


    give him time


    Just to let you know Thursday 30th will be my last day at University so I will have three months of NOTHING to do so expect a lot of releases during that time. At the moment I'm focusing on my last 2 exams.


    Also I'm currently updating the 'Exclusive ISOs' as the last release was January.

    Thnx for the update, the best of luck with your exams (though I'm sure you rule out luck ;-) , and enjoy!


    best of luck with your exams

  3. Blaga...... This is mean....... 

    Hi! Sorry for not answering.

    Thanks for the help. If i will wait for Win toolkit to delete the temp folder i will have to wait a a lot of time.

    You have temporarily solution... so just do it...  Lego... is do his best...... he also have a social life.... just appreciated what he is doing.... 

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