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  1. I will NEVER use it though due to these main reasons:

    DVD\Blueray support is gone. (Codes and licenses cost too much, REALLY MS?)

    Win8 can and will dial home and tell MS what you download and install.

    Those are my main 2 reasons.

    I didn't know DVD/BR support was gone. WTF. This isn't the 1st Windows OS to phone home is it?

  2. I have been real busy, I haven't even been on the OC foums in awhile. Who is everyone? Anything new?

    I just had to doing training for Win8 at work, looks like another fail unless you have a touch screen. No info on rather or not you can switch to a normal windows.

    What's your take on 8 Lego? I see that you are using it. I have instead it twice in VM but never used it.

  3. I just wanted to say hello to a few people, you know who you are. I hope you all are doing well. I have been real busy and spend my "non-working" time trying to make extra money or BF3. I didn't get kidnapped and rapped by aliens, well it's not kidnapping since I'm an adult. LOL

  4. You have a nice daughter LZR. 9 years and already can build a PC. You must be very proud. My daughter is now 3.5 years and I remember when I made a post here that I became a father. It feels like that was yesterday and already 3 years have passed :)

    Glad to see you again :)

    Damn, has it been that long?

    The time goes by so fast. It's hard to believe that she will be going into 5th grade and is 4'7. It seem like yesterday I was changing her but.

  5. So I sold 28 BTC and got $370. I bought a 990FX Sabertooth and a 975 since we had it on sale for $100 + $40 off the mobo. I didn't need it since I have 2x1090T, a 945, and a 555. I picked up some new burners for my system, 4G kit off DDR3 for my daughter system and a Scout case which I am trading to a friend for his 932. I am upset that this didn't go as well as I thought, the difficulty is getting higher and the BTC price has gone down. I don't coin as much as I used to,I have no AC so my room gets to around 105+.

  6. My daughter (9rs old) has been wanting a PC for awhile now so I told her she would have to build it, so today she put it together. I had to give her a hand on a couple things but for the most part it was all her.

    CASE: Cooler Master 430 Elite black (was using for a BTC machine)

    PSU: Inland 500w

    Mobo: Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H (DDR3)

    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 945 (stock)

    RAM: MicroCenter (2X2G) 4G 1333mhz DDR3 (rebranded ADATA Gaming Series)

    GPU: XFX HD4770 512 (1 of my old GPU's)

    HDD: WD 160G (spare drive lying around)

    OPTICAL: LG DVD Burner

    She did very well and it posted on 1st start up. Unfortunately, she can't retain the names of the parts. LOL.


  7. that much i understood. but what exactly is being processed? i mean what are your cpu cycles being used for? is it similar to something good, like for seti? or is it just running some virtual 'mining' program that does absolutely nothing or has any benefit in the real world :(

    if its just virtual currency, then seems like they could (or should) slap some seti-like program to run under the 'mining' program, and say the more you mine, the more you do for seti, but at the same time the mining aspect also can randomly give you bitcoins, so it encourages people to keep running their systems. basically it would seem like a win-win situation. anyway, to me that would make more sense :P

    I will try to get you more information on what it actually does. Other than using GPU's to process block that will release coins is all I know. As long as it makes me money I really don't care. LOL

  8. Should I try with my HD 5770 :)

    It all depends on how much you pay for electrical. The 5770's get around 200MH/s (that's what I am getting right now after OC'n), which is about a coin every 3 days which will change tom. when the difficulty goes higher.

    Here is a site that will calculate everything for you. I will calculate everything tom. after the difficulty increases that way you will see how much you will profit.

    I am running a 6850, 5770 and a 6950 (flashed to a 6970) so I am generating a coin+ a day. I am going to try to tweak my 6950 more today. I want to unlock the shaders.

  9. i'm still confused. what exactly does your computer do while running? i mean, is it like seti@home?

    Somewhat. It's just a program that runs on my PC that processes the bitcoin network. The more hashes I have the more share I contribute. The more share you contribute the more BTC you earn.

  10. LOL. I was about to sell but was greedy. The difficulty is going to increase Tues. So the prices should go back up to 30+ if not more. Then I will sell again. I flipped the circuit breaker today and I think it's from the 2nd system I started mining with. LOL. The electrical in my hous sucks. It took out 3 room when that switched flipped. I am glad my PC'c seem fine. I have 19 coins right now and will cash out for more mining equipment. I need to calculate the electrical bill for this.

  11. I have this running in my system with a 6850 right now. LOL. I am going to do a 2nd rig today or tom. for it, it is going to be used for BitCoining. I only paid 169 for it so I couldn't pass it up. I am going to try and get a XFX 5750 tom. for 69.

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