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  1. If I have to be honest, I am literally shocked by the message that appeared on my screen. I use this wonderful program and I have never had a similar problem. Does anyone have the same problem ??? What should I do now? I want this program, I just think it for the best software and I love it! Where is this mistake, so far I have not had such messages



  2. On 23.12.2016 г. at 0:30 AM, mooms said:


    You can use resource hacker, that's what I used. You may have to uncompress the sfx module with UPX before (and recompress it after, but it's facultative).

    Hello mooms  Happy new Year!Pleas could you be more specific,the point is that 1. SFX Maker do not recognize resource haker,and to I have no idea how to change integrate icon in exe file! thanks in advance dude! All the best to all!




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