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    upgrade reacted to Thiersee in Making an AIO and integrating all updates possible   
    I just tried it for Win7 x86 (is faster ) and it works!
    The sequence:
    1) In the normal AIO choose the lowest version (for me STARTER) and Integrate all updates you need in that version. delete ALL other (HomeBasic, HomePremium, Professional, Ultimate)
    2) Reload the .WIM and delete ALL other versions (HomeBasic, HomePremium, Professional, Ultimate)
    2a) Rebuild the loaded .WIM.
    3) When finished close WTK, go into the folder where your .WIM is located
    4) Copy and paste the install.wim 4 times (three times for x64)
    5) Open WTK, go to the "Intermediate-Tab" and start WIM-Manager
    6) Load the 1st copy of the install.wim and upgrade it to HomeBasic
    6a) Save the changes
    7) Repeat  step 6) and 6a) for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th copy of the install.wim and upgrade them respectively to HomePremium, Professional, Ultimate
    8) When finished reload install.wim and merge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th copies into the install.wim
    8a) Rename the names and descriptions to the "normal", if you want (for example, instead of Windows 7 Professional x64, simply Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL)
    9) Rebuild the install.wim
    10) Delete all the copies of the install.wim (step 4), if you pasted them in the same folder together with the install.wim, otherwise your ISO will be a lot bigger !
    11) Done!
    I controlled in NTlite and the updates are integrated in all versions.
    Regards, Thiersee
    I forgot some steps, sorry!

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    upgrade got a reaction from FidoraPuk in Extracting from DVD source   
    I read your post about making a new post for extracting files from DVD so here it is thanks alot for implementing the iso extraction didn't get to reply on the last topic as it was locked but i have to say thanks somewhere, as its much appreciated.
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    upgrade reacted to ianymaty in Option to Select ISO image   
    The same behaviour should be when you select the DVD drive in case you have a Windows disc.
    I mean, make the option to Browse for DVD drive so you can point the source to DVD drive than Win Toolkit asks where to extract (and create the folder if needed).
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    upgrade got a reaction from mikdik in Option to Select ISO image   
    The option to select your Windows ISO when using AIO Integrator or anything else that can select WIM or Extracted DVD, how about another option to browse For ISO then the program can ask for a location to extract the ISO then does it on its own without the use of other ISO software so then you need nothing but Win Toolkit to edit your Windows disks!
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    upgrade reacted to Legolash2o in Good News   
    As you may have noticed i have released about 3 builds today with many fixes. I've just checked my logs and I've only received 2 and just released a version fixing that issue.
    Assuming everyone updates and i continue to barely get any logs, I will be able to plow through all of the requests adding new features which you all wanted.
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