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  1. Sorry for my late response.

    @kiki burgh

    I've checked my installer with /S switch and it seems to work just fine, there will only be a little DOS screen that will still shows up and close automatically. If you are using this with WPI then make sure you have the right quotation.

    This is from my WPI config file:

    prog[pn]=['Windows Vista Sidebar Installer 1.1 *'];


    desc[pn]=['Windows Vista Sidebar for Windows XP'];



    cat[pn]=['Microsoft Softwares'];


    cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\WindowsXPSidebarInstaller-1.1.exe" /S'];


    Also, if you still see the black clock, please re-run the installer again and see if it is still got the same error or not? I need to know where did it wnet wrong. Thank you


    Do you still see this error every time you reboot?

    And Do you have Windows XP64-bit installed on the same partition?

  2. The request from


    Normally, I've packed this with my Theme Addon ^^.

    This is a Vista RTM LOUD Sounds Scheme version since the original one is too soft.

    I've also added in 2 hidden sounds in Vista RTM for minimizing and maximizing the window.

    MD5: 6DAB5BD26CA333739185B695B6EA50DD

    SIZE:4.25 MB


    Updated: 27/02/08

    - Change Startup Sound to the RTM version (requested by dareckibmw)

    - Remove Minimize and Maximize windows sound Reg entries (annoying for some ppl)

    Updated: 24/11/07

    - Fixed missing Startup sound

    - Remove Minimize and Maximize windows sound Reg entries (annoying for some ppl)

    Updated: 09/05/07

    - Fixed RAR SFX

    If you want the True Addon version, PM me ^^

  3. From my point of view:

    Rick installer is still using the INF/true Addon method, which I have to say it is slow and there's a chance for user to make a mistake by pressing cancel button. This method is only good for an addon but not for the installer.

    My one is using the installer script which is faster and smaller with better compression. It is definitely good for WPI and normal setup.

    If u try both installers u will see the differences.

  4. Hi guys, hi Ricks! ^SoKoOLz^ i noticed that your installer (i've tried only the 2k3 version) installs vista fonts only in "c:\windows\fonts". Obviously this is not a bug and your work is great but maybe people with a different configuration of their hard drives (like "f:\windows" or else) could encounter some problems.

    Except this your installer works like a charm! Byezzzz :welcome:

    Yep peraps you r right, I'll look into that and will release the new version soon. THank you very much.

  5. Okay, it's been a while since I update this installer.




    This installers contain:

    - Vista Fonts

    - Gadgets (Extras)

    - Gadgets Installer


    - MSXML 6.0 (must have before installing WLAN API)

    - MSXML 6.0 SP1 (optional)

    - WLAN API (For XP user, 2003 user won't need this)

    - ALKY Tools

    - VC2005 Runtime (Required before installing VAIO Tools)

    - Alky 1.0 for Windows XP

    - VAIO Tools for Windows Server 2003

    * After you have successfully installed ALKY you will need to restart your system.

    Gadget Dependecies:

    - .NET Framework 2.0 ( For some components to run properly)

    - Internet Explorer 7 For Windows XP

    - Internet Explorer 7 For Windows 2003

    - Windows Media Player 11 ( For XP )



    UPDATE: All components to the latest Vista release

    FIX: Many bugs


    ADD: CPU CORE 4 Gadgets



    ADD: WMP Gadget

    FIX: Now able to select/unselect Gadget Installer

    FIX: FONT exist popup


    FIX: FONT variables

    FIX: More Compression

    ADD: 2003 Compatibility

    ADD: Windows Version Check function

    ADD: More gadgets

    SET: LiveClock, CPUMeter, and HDD Monitor to default sidebar first start setting.

    INSTGUI: Wallpapers and checkboxes



    - More gadget install section

    Pre-Installation step (helper)

    (For those of you who got confused with those prerequisites)

    XP User Steps:

    MSXML 6.0>>>WLAN API>>>VC2005 Runtime>>>ALKY Tools for Windows XP>>>Restart

    2003 User Steps:

    VC2005 Runtime>>>VAIO Tools for Windows Server 2003>>>Restart

    *After you have restarted, then you can start using the Windows Sidebar Installer

    This installer also comes with /S , Silent Switch command.


    Windows Sidebar Installer for Windows XP/2003


    Ricktendo64 ^_^

    [AddOn] Windows Vista RTM Sidebar (XP Only)*

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