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  1. UPDATE!

    It could be me but I noticed that in at least 9.5 and 9.6 maybe earlier, Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.1, does not seem to be installing as a CPL link. I have used earlier versions and it was working fine but the last time I updated my install disk was about 6-7 months ago and it was installing fine. I just noticed it missing when I updated it yesterday with 9.6.

    Now the software is still copied over to %ProgramFiles%\System\CPL Bonus but the link in the control panel does not get created. Should be noted that i use the silent switchless installer version and not the addon.

    No biggie since the software is available through program files, and I know how to make my own control panel link for it should I desire to, but I thought I would bring it to your attention.



    That's why I use Shedko Folder2MyPC :)

    Kels, please put Dial-a-Fix back in! It was so useful even though it was outdated! Still had some cool features that were vital in helping to fix issues, especially with Microsoft Update!

    Yes Kels,I agree with Zoom7000 :)

    "Dial-a-Fix it was so useful program."

  2. As we all know that Firefox consumes a lot of memory and this consumption is about 35000K high sometimes on my PC.

    Now how would you like if this consumption went down to a few KB?? Yes Firefox consuming just 200K?

    That would be phenominal. Just extract the archive and run the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer.exe.

    Then check how firefox is consuming a few KB of memory in the Taskmanager.

    This also works with Firefox 3.0 Beta 2!!




  3. You need to go into the system32 dir and find the relevant .cpl files for JUST those ones and delete them, the newer cpl all in one uses reg entries instead of cpl files so you will be safe to do that. REMEMBER to delete JUST the .cpl foles like bootvis and memtest the ones you have doubling of...

    Thanks a lot Kels!

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