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    spidernz got a reaction from Legolash2o in Update   
    Good Luck & may the code be with you!
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    spidernz got a reaction from Cipherfx2 in [Solved] Big bug / problem in latest beta version with Alphawave's downloader   
    regarding this, I guess it kinda depends on how the lists are stored and the 2 programs retrieving it.
    You can see this is an issue currently as WHD is reporting 64 Office x64 2013 updates while WTK is showing 63 updates but there's a difference of 8 files between them as well.
    I would have thought it'd be something like, the list was online somewhere, with a upload date/time marker or version marker and so the tool uses the markers to determine if update is needed or not and the downloads the list if it does.
    regarding Kuc it works differently so there wouldn't be anyway for it to use the same folder.
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    spidernz reacted to ricktendo in News - Internet Trouble   
    Not to mention all the weed you smoked in Amsterdam is probably making you think your internets is "funny" (when its not)
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    spidernz got a reaction from JTWang in Iso maker changes   
    Also the folder to capture browse button should start at the last parent directory used for the previous capture.

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    spidernz got a reaction from JTWang in WinToolkit Vs alternatives + some other general Qns   
    Pretty much yes, I use WTK first to integrate all the updates and things, then use win reducer to slim the image down, then finish off with wtk for silent install & tweaks etc, though u can use win reducer too for the last part.
    Always test between the tools to make sure your image it ok and working
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    spidernz got a reaction from JTWang in WinToolkit Vs alternatives + some other general Qns   
    Win reducer is great for removing components and shrinking the iso, it contains more in depth removals compared to win toolkit, eventually both wintoolkit and winreducer in the long run are heading towards the same ending of being a single tool needed for modifying images. so they're the same but different at this stage.
    http://forums.mydigi...Center-manually : is for integrating wmc into your iso's but also show's you how to have a multi images of the same base.
    With regards to AIO across multiple windows bases i would search through mdl forums they would probably have the info there.
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    spidernz got a reaction from digital john in The Little Things   
    Mc Rip's back online for Windows 8 x64 but seems one of the files is in the wrong list

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    spidernz reacted to Legolash2o in Thank You   
    I don't know your wincert username so i like to say a huge thankyou to 'Woronzow Eugen' for the donation
    Also thanks to all of the testers who help a great deal. Win Toolkit would not be the same without you guys.
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    spidernz reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 8 CP (Beta) Updates   
    There has been 11-12 updates released via Windows Update on Win8.
    Link to latest release:
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