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  1. Ok Geej, I wont give it up yet. I will retry again later this evening by testing the batch batch first and following your methodology in post #36.

    I'll report my finding tomorrow. Curious do I try the XML method? I think exporting the task from Task Scheduler?

    EDIT : Thanks to Geej et all for combining their efforts in perfecting this AddOn for both architectures. :thumbsup: A working x64 version of this AddOn has been posted (see post #42).

  2. Just one question on the ResHack component of your UberPacK. Here's the scenario.

    I have Resource Hacker 3.6.092 FX1.4.7 installer by ricktendo64 which I use with Win Tool Kit. I use it because it includes the FX patch.

    Do you think the FX Patch will auto-stick to UberPacK's installation of ResHack?

    Essentially what I want to do is set each installer to run one after the other, first UberPacK, followed by Resource Hacker 3.6.092 FX1.4.7 installer.

    Do you know of any adverse effects from using this method, if any?

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    EDIT : I just realized your reference to Resource Hacker 3.x refers to a the Send to Menu. So is the ResHack app actually included the PacK?

  3. Okay, I cant say I have good news. I went thru the procedure that Geej suggested in post #31. Once using the Everything_Schcedule.bat found inside the Everything Search Engine_1.2.1.452_x64_Test_UAC_ON_RunOnce.WA and once using the Everything_Schedule.bat file included in Post #1. I got the same strange results using both methods.

    Steps taken to recreate...

    1. Open this .WA package with Win Toolkit->Addon Maker->Open

    2. Copy the whole program folder of 'Everything' within AddonC to C:\Program Files (x86)

    3. Copy Everything_Schedule.bat to C:\windows

    4. Copy Evthing.inf to C:\Windows\inf

    5. Double click ROEveryThing.reg to add to RunOnce key.

    6. Save back the .WA package before quitting Addon Maker & then quit WinToolkit.

    7. Reboot.

    Here is where the RunOnce starts to bug-out...Reboot ==> Login (OK)

    Explorer.exe does not load the desktop. => CTRL + ALT + DEL => Task Manager => reveals the a running process cmd.exe which I assume is Everything.bat. I waited about 5 minutes before I finally killed the task and voila, the desktop appears and Everything Search appears in the system tray. as well as the task scheduler.

    The strange thing with task scheduler is that it appears twice. once as 'Everything' (in English) [OK] and again Lancer.... (en francais).[ERROR]

    I think the french entry is residual from my first failed attempt, and could be just an orphaned task or a result of prematurely ending the batch file after during login, it's hard to say for sure. Also the uninstall doesn't work either -- Error Creating <TASKILL> ...

    I Will try again on another machine and report back with my findings. In the meantime.

    Best Regards et Bonne Chance les ami.

    EDIT : Fixed some typos and grammatical errors. A working x64 version of this AddOn has been posted (see post #42). Thanks to Geej et all for combining their efforts in perfecting this AddOn for both architectures. :thumbsup:

  4. @compstuff

    I can confirm that the update catalog servers are working in the Win Toolkit1.5.0-1 beta. It's quite impressive. I intend to use it in the interim. Maybe play around with some of the tweaks and do some beta testing.

    I'm sure the .77 catalog error will be resolved soon enough. Regards.

  5. Same here. Win Toolkit .77 Dialog says

    Servers Office

    Neither McRip or SoloR Update servers seem to be active. This error will also occur if you have no internet connection or if you are behind a proxy server.

    I would post a screenshot but it appears the ImageShack servers are down aswell. lol. 403 Forbiden. :lock:

    Tested on three machines. No rush just though I report that the seervers appear to be still offline. Cheers!

  6. Okay, No worries, I managed to make a working silent installer with the stock installer, Nonetheless I will leave my previous post open for reply for anyone else who might be interested.

    Thanks anyways for this awesome addon, even though I cant use it on my system. I'll hang on to it and add it to my archives. Cheers!

  7. @Geej

    Can you help me to get this addon to play nice with Windows 7 (x64). I've read through all the post to see if i could find any info that might lead me do get Everything Search Engine to work with Win 7 x64, but found nothing of the sort. Naturualy, I put the addon thru a dry run using WA Installer without sucess. Here are the results.


    I opened up Tasks.txt and replaced the Architecture Directive from x86! to x86 and did another dry run. This time I got a partly working addon. Everything Search Engine installs in Program Files (x86) but their is no uninstall in the CPL and nothing in the Task Scheduler.

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    EDIT: I found what i thought was your silent / switch-less installer here http://www.mediafire...awy6g5vg4mfnj81, However, it appears that you have removed the links in favor of the currently posted Inf True Add-on.

    Will your true Add-on work with OnePiece's Tool NT6.x True Integrator? At first glance it also appears to only support x86 arch.

    EDIT : Fixed some typos and grammatical errors.

  8. So if I understand correctly, Applying the third party themes tweak via Win Toolkit results in a permanent change to theme service system files without any way to reverse the tweak other than to manualy replace the patched files with the original M$ files?

  9. How can I add an RyanVM Integrator AddOn like ImgBurn found here?


    Steps to recreate the problem

    Step 1 - I modified the entries_imgburn.ini and imgburn.inf like the example found in this video

    Step 2 - Created CAB using DX Tools

    Step 3 - Added to WinNT6.x True Integrator (Ignore-Ceck). The AddOn appears in the list at the bootom.

    Setp 4 - Click Apply -- DISM appears to sucessfuly compete the operation

    2012-10-22 01:56:07 : Processing 2 of 2 - Adding package ImgBurn~~True AddOn~Multilanguage~ © 2005 - 2012 LIGHTNING UK!~OnePiece~http://www.imgburn.com/ - C:\Users\Bryan\Desktop\System Builder\Addon CABS\ImgBurn_v2.5.7_INTL_TRUE_ADDON.cab

    2012-10-22 01:56:09 : The operation was successful.

    However, the addon does not appear in the upper section 'Optional Component List'. Also the addon does not appear in the mounted image.

    The image appears to be okay.

    Mounted images:
    Mount Dir : C:\Mount
    Image File : C:\Win7DVD\sources\install.wim
    Image Index : 2
    Mounted Read/Write : Yes
    Status : Ok
    The operation completed successfully.

    I can use a silent installer (SVCPACK) to get the job done, but I would rather user a True AddOn. I have looked at the template and syntax examples and I cant figure out what i'm doing wrong. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  10. @Legolash

    Understood, I don't mind using the UTH method, only because i'm aware of its shenanigans and know how to deal with it when it messes-up.

    Just one other question. If i were to select to use third party themes in WTK, would my users have access the Universal Theme Patcher CPL on on an installed system?

  11. [Reference to Post #9]

    My Bad please disregard. I Solved the problem anyhow. I use both NT6.x True integrator for true addons and Win Toolkit for the rest. I thought i would post here considering that my issue is somewhat related to post #4, nonetheless, I've found an alternate solution using a silent installer that I can use with either tool.

    Please excuse my ignorance.

  12. @Legolash

    That's cool. No worries. I was hopping Win Toolkit used the Uxtheme memory Patcher (UxStyle Core) method. I like this method because it does not directly patch any system files. Instead it installs as a service. It has a very small footprint. :rolleyes: which is realy cool. Because UxStyle runs as a service and does not modify any system critical files, it can be uninstalled without fuss. Also it doesn't molest the windows registry.

    As with the Universal method, their is a higher risk of breaking windows 7 theme services. I personally have used both methods and in my experience, the universal theme patcher can often be complicated when it comes to restoring the original system files, not to mention time consuming.

    UxStyle Core is a pioneer in allowing windows users to applying third party themes, even as far back as Windows 95 :dribble: and they continue to be the preferred method by many users today. The UxStyle authors website can be found here. Their is not much on the site, but trust me when i say this method has proven to be the best. The project is still active to this day.

    I do hope you consider this as a choice in your future builds of Win Toolkit. Thanks again for all your work on Win Toolkit -- it is truly an awesome tool. :punk:

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject. Regards.

    Method one. Didn't really know any other methods.

  13. Win Toolkit includes some awesome tweaks, one that i'm not sure about is the "Use third party themes tweak".

    Just one question. What method of patching theme files or services does Win Tookit apply when enabling this tweak?


    There are three methods for patching uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll, and themeservice.dll:

    1. Uxtheme multi patcher (Universal Theme Patcher)
    2. Uxtheme memory Patcher (UxStyle Core)
    3. Manually replacing the system files (For expert users)

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

  14. Wow, I thought this might have been an interesting topic, guess i was wrong. stuff like this just clutters the forum. Anyhow I agree with bphlpt.

    Byte-Me, I broke one your commandments, can I buy that bridge you have for sell :thumbsup_anim:

    There is no need to belittle anyone else for trying to achieve their goals...
  15. Current update, hotfixes and update packs can be found here http://hotfix2.cesidian.info/

    Update related tools can be found here http://burf.cesidian.info/

    Also you can find update as well ad individual updates and hot fixes packs at this repository http://www.windows-u...ker.com/hotfix/

    why do I keep seeing solor update discussions when he quit and his repository is down? surely his updates are now out of date?

  16. @OnePiece

    Thank you, that makes perfect sense. So, If I understand correctly, I should use Check-State for hotfixes and updates that are OS version related and No-Check for Feature Packs etc? Everything else check the %Temp%\WinNT6TI.log.

    How does the integrator handle hotfixes that may require a possible restart? If a hotfix, update or feature pack requires a restart (Check State) will this break the setup routine? The reason I ask is because i have noticed in some hotfixes and feature packs that I add require a restart. Thanks again for this great tool.

  17. I've been integrating a number of hotfixes using this awsome tool. I have also sucussfuly integrated IE and and prerequiites without problems.

    I just have one question before I continue. Is it safe to integrate Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256?




    If yes should the .CAB files be integrated as updates (hotfixes) or do they require special attention. Ricktendo64 is suggesting that I integrate them as regular hotfix but he is not 100% certain, so I would like to confirm. Much appreciated.

  18. Thanks Etz both methods worked worked like a charm.

    Yes, it can be done via Unattended.xml and without any sideeffects.

    Add following to the pass "oobeSystem"


    Also WinToolkit Unnatended creator supports this, so I believe it would be easier to create your XML with it.

  19. Hmm....I tried few times via setupcomplete and none of those works for me.



    I saw your post a few days ago and wanted to reply, but for some reason my browser was broken and kept crashing everytime I placed my cursor in the reply box.

    Anyhow, I had the same problem trying to get this one to install 100% silent. The trick to get this to work 100% silent is to repack the installer using the tools Rick quoted in the first post...

    Visual AIO SFX Maker v3.6 (installer repacker):

    "No GUI" SFX alternative v2.6:

    Basicly 7z split the installer and repack it with the "NoGui" SFX alternative. Their is a readme file in archive along with config .txt file to make this installer 100%. Hope that helps. Best regards.

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