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  1. When creating an addon, and select Copy Folder to ..\%PROGRAMFILES(x86)% the integration of the addon results in creating a folder on the the system root of my hard disk as %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%/ClipName as oppose to the expected behavior of ..\Program Files (x86)\ClipName I've attached the resulting tasks.txt for review.

    Name=ClipName Shell Extension
    Description=ClipName is a small utility which sits inside your Send To menu. It lets you copy the full pathname of selected files to the clipboard, allowing you to paste their names into other documents and applications as necessary.

    ClipName Shell Extension::%PROGRAMFILES(X86)% ; <= this should read Program Files (X86)

  2. Lego, thanks for your insight. I have searched google, but my keywords to not yeild any answers pertaining to how the Win Toolkit WiM Manager tool which is where I found the option in question. Nor does searching the forum at WinCert yield any info.

    I was just curious as to why Win Tool Kit has two sections to apply a Product Key. one section in Unattended Tool and the other in WIM Manager Tool.

    I'll leave the question open for anyone else who might have some further insight.

  3. I'm trying to integrate ClipName into my Windows 7 SP1 x64 image using the addon maker in WT and the applying it through the All-In-One Integrator.

    Their is no setup.exe involved, just a simple .INF files that I can install manually by right clicking the .INF and selecting install from the context menu. Here's what I have so far.

    I created an addon with tasks to add clipname.dll and clipname.inf to x:\program Files\clipname. The only thing I cant figure it is how to get Win Tookit to install the .INF file. I read that I can do this by invoking a command, but I'm still not sure if this is the way to go about this. Is their a registry entry i can import on the addon that will invoke the .INF to install on first run?

    I was thinking something like this might work?


    Any insight would be much appreciated.

  4. @foobuzz

    I'll be running my own test as mentioned in Lego's poll. I'm curious to see if I get similar results to yours. I don't intend to remove components, Their are much better ways to turn off unwanted components than removing them from the media. For me they don't occupy that much space. I also plan on testing with Real Hardware as oppose to emulated hardware in a VM.

    BTW I have never had any problems with Reapers Addons, Reaper does good work. Perhaps you could share your findings with the addon creator in question.

  5. Wow, sounds like quite a work load for a free tool. I had a no idea when I started this thread it would would stir up all this interest. Although it would be really cool if WT could Mirror the integrations in one edition to the next, I fear that this may cause more trouble than whats it's worth.

    I'm not a VB/C++ programmer, but it sounds like trying to re-invent the DISM and IMAGEX wheel in this fashion is simply not viable, but like I said, I'm not a programmer, nor I'm am familiar with all the potential of DISM and IMAGEX. In essence I dont think it's in the nature of these tools to do the things such as the ones suggested in this post. Anyways I jut wanted to add my 2 bits. I'm going to continue to follow this interesting thread for as long as it lives.

    Keep up the good work Liam. :prop:

  6. Do this, in the meantime. it's real simple and clean. Download Double Driver and backup your live system drivers. DD will organize all your current drivers and in a nicely organized folder of your choosing. The only thing left to do after that is to integrate the backup with Win Toolkit AIO integrator. If you have any questions, just reply to this thread and I'll fill in the gabs if I can.

  7. That completely depends on if you decide to 'Rebuild' the image or not.

    okay. but doesn't Win Toolkit rebuild the image at the end of every Win Toolkit AiO integrator sessions anyhow. Please excuse my ignorance but what other methods could one use to rebuild the image?


    Sounds interesting. On the surface what your proposing sounds do-able. :g:

  8. I've looked inside the package but I'm still unsure, and a little confused about this repak. Does [Repak] KB931125 Windows Root Certificate include [Repak] KB2728973 Revoked Root Certificate, or is it the other way around or neither?

    I'm considering integrating these into my Windows 7 SP1 x64 WIM, however I would like to be clear if I need to integrate just KB931125 or both to be Up2Date, any insight would be much appreciated.

    EDIT :: Never mind, I got it sorted out. Thanks for this addon. For anyone else who might be wondering KB931125 (rootsupd.exe) is XP only.

  9. Thanks for this addon. The way you define the switches for this SvcPack addon are a llittle confusion at first. However when I peeked inside the SFX archive and saw the .msi, it all became clear.

    Why the last two entries in your SFX confg file. They seem redundant?

    ;RunOnceEx [-ai2]
    AutoInstall2="hidcon:reg add HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\RunOnceEx\\XPB /v Install /d %%S\\XPB.EXE\" -gm2 -ai1\" /f"
    ;Silent ROE [-ai3]
    AutoInstall3="hidcon:reg add HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\RunOnceEx\\XPB /v Install /d %%S\\XPB.EXE\" -gm2 -ai\" /f"

    EDIT :: Nevermind I now see the flexibility of your installer. Thanks again.

  10. So soon. :g: I'm more inclined to agree with crashfly on this one. is rock solid. i'm not so sure about Another Beta release would be cool. I'll run, for the first time an exhaustive test with the latest beta this weekend and post my results, and change my vote accordingly. :P

    My test will include:

    1. 300+ Updates (w/ Recommended Additions from KUC Windows 7 x64)

    2. 10+ Addons (Mostly Reapers releases)

    3. 10+ Installers and SFX (Mostly from the Installer Repacks forum + a few of my own)

    4. 10+ Tweaks (presets and custom)

    5. No Gadgets (for security reasons)

    6. No Themes (it's too much eye candy)

    7. No Language Packs (because I never use them)

    That's about it. I'll post my session files and results over the weekend. See you then.

  11. I'm not sure how would go about this,so here goes,

    I integrated several updates, addons and installers, etc. to install.wim (mounted :: Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM). Win Toolkit processed the lot without errors. :D

    If for example I want to install 'Windows 7 Ultimate' from the same media, will everything that I integrated in the 'Windows 7 Home Premium' session be installed?

    Do I need to re-run the integration process for each edition for the updates and addons to be recognized during Windows Setup?

    Does Win Toolkit have a tool to mirror the integrated addons from the Home Premium Session?

    I think maybe the WIM Manager Tool, But i'm not sure. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  12. You may want to give this thread a quick read starting starting from page 3, post#45. The Thread has been locked, however it may provide some insight on the issues your experiencing. Lego has made quite a few changes with the way Win Toolkit sorts and selects updates from Komm's server, such as making it more n00b friendly. :D I would presume the same changes are being made with McRips's server too.

  13. @George King

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't know it was possible to remove the IE8 packages prior to integrating IE9 without breaking the image. I was always under the impression that IE8 had to remain in image, even after integrating IE9.

    Are you saying that I can swap out the IE8 packages for IE9 without any adverse effects and breaking the image?

  14. As a novice user of Win Toolkit, I must say, excellent job on making the Update Catalog n00b friendly in the recent beta. Seeing it all come together is really motivating. Anyhow, Great job. I think I'll start beta testing some builds over the weekend. Best Regards.

  15. You can get the full .MSU from McRips server here. You might want to grab the updates as well while your there. This IE installer can be integrated on the updates tab of Win Tool Kit (Stable), you could also try with the beta. With respect to language, I'll leave that question open for someone who knows more about language pack integration. Hope this helps. Best Regards.

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