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  1. I read somewhere in this thread about switches: /y /gm2 /qn. So what are the proper switches and what does the /qn do? Because I still see the msi runtime dialogues, it is not truly 'silent'.


    Never mind, fresh OS install, I didn't have Open with Arguments addon installed yet to query your installer :D Wow you have a bunch of switches available with different options. But what would be nice if the msi dialogues could have been suppressed by /qn as when you pack msi installers. Is that not possible?

  2. Thank you Ricktendo and McRip, I think I understand it now :)


    EDIT: is there any plan to make the install of .NET 4.5 Slim completely silent? Until now, one still sees a "Extracting..." window pop up. I ask in case of using this installer via WPI or similar progams where it would be preferable to not see any window popping up.

  3. Why would you use as profile image the photo of a man directly involved in the killing of millions of innocent people? Do you not think many people are still alive today who have been directly affected in their families by the actions of this man? I find it poor judgement on your part, as well as very disrespectful to use that image. Why not change it?

  4. At first I could not get your .NET framework 4.x download, but then I figured out I had adf.ly blocked in my (quite extensive) hosts file :) So I allowed adf.ly but kept the other sites in place in the hosts file and it will allow me to download but the other ads won't load. I don't normally use AdBlock or any other extension for ads but the hosts file (I integrate it with Windows 7 images) keeps all at bay. The only thing I get every now and then is pop-ups on aggressive sites, but then the pop-ups themselves can't load :D Thank you for your contributions, Ricktendo.

  5. Ricktendo64, I came upon your WU Update installer thread because I had encountered a problem when intergrating a (pretty) recent batch of Win7 updates to make an up to date Win7 x64 image. I had done this many times before, but the last build I made I got a problem when checking for Windows Updates. It told me I had to install an update for Windows Update and then had to reboot before WU would work.

    My question is: has this problem been addressed in subsequent .msu updates or must I from now on integrate this WU Update into my Win7 image? If the latter, could you please provide some instruction as to how to do this? I know how to integrate .msu updates but have never integrated .cab files. Thanks for any help :)

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