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  1. Hi, I downloaded the latest .NET Framework 4.5 by Reaper dating Feb. 2013 and the following updates are not inluded in the Addon and are requested by Win7:








    Will the Addon be updated to reflect the latest patches?


    Thanks, Gideon.


  2. Thanks for your help, splinterededge.

    "Ingegrating it from the silent installers" was the the key to getting this going.


    It wasn't just .net framework 4.5, I just gave this as an example. All the exe's (with the exception of IE10 for Win7) would not integrate through the 'Updates + Languages'.  


    Using the silent installers I was able to integrate everything I needed.

    Thanks a lot, Gideon.

  3. Hi all, Using the stable version of Win Toolkit ( and also the latest version ( I can't load any executables into the tool, using the All-in-one Integrator (Updates and Languages).


    .Net framework 4.5 or kb890830 are just 2 examples. The only one that loads OK is IE 10 for Win 7.


    Error message is: This does not seem to be Internet Explorer 9 or the latest Windows XP mode.

    (Screen capture attached).


    I'm stumped, Any ideas?




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