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  1. On 6/13/2021 at 7:30 PM, mooms said:

    You can discard the zip, it was just created to be used wit nLite, but the exe inside is the same as the one created outside (you can compare the files).

    If you use wintoolkit runonce as advised, the exe will be copied in the wim file by Wintoolkit, so you don't need it anywhere else.

    I don't use setupcomplete so I can't provide any support on it.



    mooms I did what you said, made the winrar + Themes an .exe of it and added it to WinToolkit and had a Windows 10 .ISO created. 
    It now installs perfectly.
    Thank you for your support.


  2. mooms maybe I'm not doing it right.

    I now have these files.
    WinRAR_AddOn_x64_6.01-nl.zip (do i need to unzip this folder ?)

    And what should I have started in my setupcomplete.cmd?
    I have this line in it now,
    IF EXIST "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe" "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe"

    Should I place the WinRAR_AddOn_x64_6.01-nl.zip along with SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe in my Windows 10 ISO 

  3. On 6/6/2021 at 11:27 PM, mooms said:

    From the command line, or create a shortcut and add the -ai switch.

    No sorry, I can't share it as it's registered with a key.

    I don't use any script for that, with Windows 7 I have used WinToolkit Runonce.



    Mooms can you tell me how to put the SFX_winrar in the WinToolkit_1.7.0.15.
    Step by step, to see if that will work.


  4. I have than this.

    In WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd have changed set addon=0 to set addon=1 

    Have made the SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe with the WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd

    Put this line in my setupcomplete.cmd

    IF EXIST "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe" "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe -ai"

    WinRAR is not installed during a new Windows 10 installation.


    Or should I put -ai in the WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd ?

  5. Hi, Winrar is installed but the themes are not copied to the appdata folder during a new Windows 10 installation.

    The Themes do get copied to appdata,WinRAR,Themes when I double click and install the winrar.exe.
    I have already tried everything in my setupcomplete.cmd script.

    REM Winrar Skins
    SET "SOURCE=%SLocal%\WinRarSkins"
    mkdir "%APPDATA%\WinRAR\Themes"

    The WinRAR folder is not even created in appdata ? with a new windows 10 installation.

    I have made also an themes.exe with all the folders, en try to install silent with the setupcomplete.cmd

    But no themes.

    I have this in my themes.exe

    ;The comment below contains SFX script commands


    I can not install it with a new Windows 10 Installation.

    If i doubleclick the Themes.exe, than i get the themes in the appdata folder, also your WinRAR.exe is working if i doubleclick, but not in my Windows 10 ISO file.


    Best regards

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