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  1. Is there a way to remove superseeded updates that have already been integrated, using wintoolkit? if so, how?


    When You done that (checking one-by-one on windows update catalog) once it´s only to keep up with the monthly MS Security Bulletins, See which new updates that are added and remove the superseeded. After that You run Wintoolkit as usual.


    It´s no fun - but it works!

  2. Just visited it, and I think it looks great!


    I suggest a comparetable like ccleaner at piriform has for the overview/compare versions page. I think it´s easier to se the diff then.

  3. Please excuse me for asking a (maybe) silly question.


    If the latest update is 3063911 (as written on the first page) where do I find it since my windows update does not offer such a update.


    OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 with your "dotNetFx452_x64.W7.20150416.Regular.wa" and a updated OS (with WinToolkit which works just great!

  4. Hello everybody, I seem to have a small problem with one of the February updates (KB3021952). I add it, togehter with the others - but it doesn´t install - it pops up in Windows Update after installation is complete.


    Any tips would be appreciated. I attach a copy of my ini-file.


    Big thanx in advance




    ps. I just LOVE Win Toolkit :throb:


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