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  1. As the title says - this is new to me.


    WinToolKit (official release version)

    Win 7 x64 fully updated


    After closing this errorprompt it seems to work just fine?


    But what have I done wrong? This error didn´t occour with earlier released versions.


    By the way - thanx for your fantastic work on WinToolKit!




  2. Thanx - but there are still a couple of things I don´t understand:

    • If I understand the above correct there i both a posibility to install software AND scan for their drivers
    • And then there is "feature where you can have some software ALWAYS install and then the user selects optional installs."
    • And the scanning of which hardwaredrivers that are needed/not needed.

    I do understand that could have got this wrong - so please understand my confusion.

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