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    ccl0 reacted to ChiefZeke in any options for win7/8 upgrade to win10?   
    After I updated to Win10 successfully I ran Belarc Advisor 8.5 and determined that a NEW key code had been generated during the upgrade process - this key code was identified as being for Win10 Professional. So, I would guess here that I could use this same key code if sometime in the future I opted to do a clean install using the ISO file I had previously downloaded or the flash drive I created that held both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. That conclusion is my own and one that I have not seen verified by anyone from Microsoft or elsewhere on line.
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    ccl0 reacted to bphlpt in any options for win7/8 upgrade to win10?   
    I haven't seen anyone quote a definitive MS document that fully explains all the details of the Windows 10 "upgrade" license or key info, but this thread seems to give the current "best guess" as to what happens and the impact on the existing Windows 7/8.x key used to "upgrade".  [The "upgrade" opportunity is supposed to be available for a year from July 29th.]  If I understand it correctly, we think that the Windows 10 key that is used on the "upgraded" machine is probably a generic one, and some kind of code based on the actual hardware, (probably the motherboard? ), of the machine that is "upgraded" is stored on the MS activation server and that is what is used to actually validate the Windows 10 installation, and this code can only be generated during an actual "upgrade" of an existing Windows 7/8.x/10 installation.  Once the "upgrade" has been validated, the disc can be formatted and a clean install of Windows 10 can be done and it will automatically be validated again with the existing stored code.   So if a Windows 10 re-installation is performed at a later date, as long as the key hardware components of the machine haven't changed since the original Windows 10 installation, the machine should self validate again with the existing stored code.  What happens if you have to change the motherboard of the machine and want to keep using Windows 10 is unclear.  As to what happens to the original Windows 7/8.x key of the machine that was used for the "upgrade", the guess is that after a "month" that key will be invalidated on the MS activation server so that it can not be used again.  But what if the original key was an OEM or other generic type of key?  No one seems to know for sure.
    As I say, this is just the current best guess based on bits and pieces of various MS and other documentation along with some quick tests done and reported by users.
    There are many threads by our good friends over at MSFN about Windows 10 "upgrades" and regular installations, such as:

    How can I clean install Windows 10 and activate it using W7 license? -- (the above mentioned thread)
    Post your Windows 10 Upgrade experience
    Windows 10 Upgrade Rip Off
    Free upgrade to Windows 10 and downgrade to Windows 8.1
    How to avoid being "upgraded to Win 10" against your will:
    [ Guide ] Disable Data Collection in Windows 10

    and many others that can be found in the MSFN Windows 10 sub-forum.

    As to how any of this will play with Win Toolkit is anybody's guess until someone is willing to try it and report their experiences. Any volunteers?

    Cheers and Regards
    NOTE: I used quotes around "upgrade" since even though MS uses the term "upgrade" to compare Windows 10 to previous Windows versions, there is some debate on many forums whether it might actually be a "downgrade".  
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    ccl0 got a reaction from Ali Sahandi in Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) - v5.19   
    request filled
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    ccl0 reacted to mooms in Project: ~FULL~ Updated 2014 ISO   
    Lol, more than 700 updates, that's insane !
    also, your'e integrating IE9, IE10, and IE11, no wonder it doesn't works !
    dareckibmw is right, follow his instructions and you will have a perfectly up-to-date (with the least bloat possible) Windows 7 image.
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    ccl0 got a reaction from Th5Mupp5t in Dell Latitude D630 randomly freezes   
    hm. Quadro NVS 135M is based on the 8400 series.  i seem to recall there was a lawsuit way back regarding nvidia selling faulty gpu chips. http://hothardware.com/cs/forums/p/51200/382885.aspx  not sure if yours is covered but your laptop was built around the same time. it could be you just lucked out and the defect didnt show itself until now.
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    ccl0 got a reaction from Neodyspeelo in How digital detectives deciphered Stuxnet   
    not sure where to post this, but its a pretty interesting read http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/07/how-digital-detectives-deciphered-stuxnet-the-most-menacing-malware-in-history.ars/1
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    ccl0 got a reaction from muggaen in MS Office 15 Technical Preview   
    direct link to the blog:
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    ccl0 got a reaction from LUZR4LIFE in My daughter just built her 1st PC   
    i guess that means kel is officially the oldest person on the forum unless he was a phenom and built his first system at age 5 or something
    one thing i remember about the olden days is how very expensive ram was.
    oh and how you could use a common pencil to mod those old duron cpus and unlock them (i think)
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    ccl0 got a reaction from mona in interesting video   
    well some might find it interesting
    investigates windows upgrades throughout the years

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    ccl0 got a reaction from mona in Microsoft Office (BETA) 2010 for Free!   
    its an evaluation version that expires october 2010
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    ccl0 got a reaction from AMIRZ in New Wincert.net Logo   
    i have a few more ideas
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    ccl0 got a reaction from Ariya in New Wincert.net Logo   
    i know its a little late, but i designed a few logos for the forums as well.
    let me know what you think

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    ccl0 got a reaction from AMIRZ in New Wincert.net Logo   
    i know its a little late, but i designed a few logos for the forums as well.
    let me know what you think

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    ccl0 got a reaction from diavolo2003 in [Release] Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Addon.   
    you should update your first post with the most current release.
    putting other updates and releases halfway down the page is likely to confuse people.
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    ccl0 got a reaction from NIM in [Release] Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Addon.   
    you should update your first post with the most current release.
    putting other updates and releases halfway down the page is likely to confuse people.
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    ccl0 got a reaction from AMIRZ in windows 7 for $19   
    i wasn't sure if i should post this but i recently did it myself and it worked.
    i stumbled upon this topic http://www.overclock...19-4x-win7.html
    basically you can sign up for an ACM (association for computing machinery) account and as an added bonus in a couple days you can opt in for msdn-aa account as well.
    (all steps are described in the link above).
    here are a few notes from my experience:
    a. can only pay with a credit card. visa, master card or american express
    b. if you sign up on a friday be prepared to wait the weekend. i registered on a thursday and only got everything validated monday.
    c. its suppose to be for college students who are currently enrolled or have recently graduated. you must list a school and date of graduation
    d. (removed this b/c it is no longer valid)
    e. some colleges already offer discounted/free microsoft software for students. so if you are actually enrolled check your school first and see what they offer.
    anyway, i only decided to post this after it confirmed it actually worked. i registered and got access to msdn-aa and got 4 retail windows 7 keys
    edit: today i got an email. i thought i'd post it for everyone to see.
    "It is important for ACM to verify that the individuals taking advantage of the ACM Student Academic Initiative are indeed students. Therefore, we are asking you to provide us with the information below by Friday, Sept. 25th.
    * The Name of Your Faculty Advisor
    * Your Student Identification Number "
    so basically you DO have to verify you are a student.
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    ccl0 reacted to Worf in Custom cursors installation.   
    I am in need of a little help here with the registy entries when installing cursors.
    Below is my inf file that i use.

    signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

    Cursors.CopyFiles = 10,Cursors


    Copyfiles = Cursors.CopyFiles
    AddReg = Cursor.AddReg

    aero_arrow.cur = 1
    aero_busy.ani = 1
    aero_ew.cur = 1
    aero_helpsel.cur = 1
    aero_link.cur = 1
    aero_move.cur = 1
    aero_nesw.cur = 1
    aero_ns.cur = 1
    aero_nwse.cur = 1
    aero_pen.cur = 1
    aero_prec.cur = 1
    aero_select.cur = 1
    aero_unavail.cur = 1
    aero_up.cur = 1
    aero_working.ani = 1

    1="Default Cursors","\win51",,"\i386"



    HKCU,%MP_REG_SCHEMES%,"Scheme Source",0x00010001,"1"
    HKCU,%MP_REG_SCHEMES%,"Hand",0x00020000,"%SYSTEMROOT%\Cursors\aero_link.cur" [/b]

    AERO_ARROW.CUR = "aero_arrow.cur"
    AERO_BUSY.ANI = "aero_busy.ani"
    AERO_EW.CUR = "aero_ew.cur"
    AERO_HELPSEL.CUR = "aero_helpsel.cur"
    AERO_LINK.CUR = "aero_link.cur"
    AERO_MOVE.CUR = "aero_move.cur"
    AERO_NESW.CUR = "aero_nesw.cur"
    AERO_NS.CUR = "aero_ns.cur"
    AERO_NWSE.CUR = "aero_nwse.cur"
    AERO_PEN.CUR = "aero_pen.cur"
    AERO_PREC.CUR = "aero_prec.cur"
    AERO_SELECT.CUR = "aero_select.cur"
    AERO_UNAVAIL.CUR = "aero_unavail.cur"
    AERO_UP.CUR = "aero_up.cur"
    AERO_WORKING.ANI = "aero_working.ani"
    MP_REG_SCHEMES = "Control Panel\Cursors"
    MP_REG_SCHEMES_HKLM = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes"
    CURSOR_NAME = "Aero"
    Now, the problem i am having is with the text in Bold. It seems to get written to the registry ok as the Areo cursors show up on the 'Please Wait' screen but on the Welcome screen the cursors revert back to the default cursors and in the registry i get the following instead of the lines in bold.
    HKCU,Control Panel\Cursors

    (Default) Aero
    Hand "%SYSTEMROOT%\Cursors\aero_link.cur"
    Scheme Source 0x00000001 (1)
    And if i right click on the inf file and select install, everything is as it should be.
    Is there something in any of the other .inf files that might be causing this?
    Many Thanks for any help.
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