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  1. Hi to all, the our group have create the successor of the Geop byte, called Undecabyte, if you want know more, please visit the facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/GTI-Gruppo-Tecnologia-Informatica-159593781358231/?epa=SEARCH_BOX Many thanks for your attention
  2. As far as I know, Microsoft has no current competitors, it is dominating the world why not make it a competition? Obviously without low blows a competition that could make the difference for this came to mind the softsystem project as it could also be a different name, I'm sure that some Engineer of Microsoft has also ratified to work the, but who knows .. ... at the moment there are no sites in this regard as well as social networks and more, but one day who knows .... so I tranqillizzo this forum, which are not here to make competition to the latter for all, but I would like it if this idea had a following, perhaps with a cosgtruttive discussion accompanied by other ideas.
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