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  1. i am prepared to create a website with transparency supported images. i cant create these images myself but have to take them from many resources on Internet and then modify. I like png images (png24) but i soon realize that most users from all over the world still use IE browser, especially version 6. Unluckily, IE6 doesnt support png24 images but png8 and gif images. Do you know how to convert (or do anything else) png24 to png8 or gif using Photoshop and maintain quality?. I tried many times but still not succeeded (converted images are in poor quality).

  2. the work first sounds easy. but infact it is much more complicated than i think. only copying the folder containing the theme we like to system directory, but we must write down many codes, also divide into many sections. Why in line: Copy files dont we add the real destination folders but its variables. in msdos we only type few lines in batch file to do this work. i wonder if we can add batch file to RunonceEX to make the job easier.

  3. i have problem when using this one. first restart i saw modified bootscreen, but second restart i saw the original bootscreen and everything went black, nothing else happened. i added RVMUpdatePack2.1.11 and some addons by using RVM_Integrator_1.4.3. my xp cd is corporate. could some one tell me what some thing is wrong?

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