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    I don't know if I should post here, but about the Manufacturer Logo information, what exactly should I put there? The path from my computer where the logo is located? or in the image folder? This section only asks the following: "Enter Logo", or something like that.
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    This will let you have you Windows installed unattended. It's not the most complete unattended out there but it's better than nothing.

    Luckily most of this is self-explanatory, note it is recommended to leave 'Architecture' set to 'AnyCPU' which means it should work for both x64 and x86 installs.
    This is where you select the most important parts of the unattended file, like your name, serial key, time zone, screen resolution, updates, Auto-Logon, etc...
    The 'Users' tab lets your add pre-installed usernames on the computer, with passwords, user group, description, again self-explanatory.
    Editor (Advanced)
    It is recommended to leave this alone unless you know what you're doing, since W7T does not have full unattended features it allows users to add their own entries and save them to a file, it also allows the user to see what will be saved.
    Serial Keys
    These serial keys are known as 'Default Keys', they are basically just used to make the install unattended by leave Windows de-activated and keeps the 30 day trial.
    WARNING: If you use a Ultimate serial key then you must install Ultimate otherwise it will error.
    You can use the 'WIM Manager' to integrate a unattended file.
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