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  1. ^ Thanks for the info pete69, hope it will be fixed soon

    :( Yeah Rick i'm not sure too but actually some Vista users also got the same related issue with IE8 and Windows Sidebar ( Here ) yea i'm on Xp of course hehe. Well after i uninstalled IE8, everything was back to normal as usual. Here are some screenshots from my computer (->Media Player Gadget. Btw Gadget Gallery's search bar doesnt work too):

    With IE8 (Before uninstalling it-> look at the pink background):


    With IE7 (After uninstalling IE8-> Normal):


    As you suggested Rick i've already re-registered and repatched some files (atl.dll, sbdrop.dll, sidebar.exe...) n tried to install and reinstall IE 8 even several times still without any luck so far :sweatingbullets: . Now i'm stuck with IE7... :confused02: Maybe it depends on the system, anyways i'm still researching, could you please help me thanks bro

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