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  1. hi rick..

    did you resized copy move dialog box?

    1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 264, 101

    look at this picture, there's white line on the corner, i had tried more than 5x with copy or move, and got the same result.


    when i changed that code to 1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 263, 102 (from V'ISO 7.3 shell)

    the dialog box looks normal :)


    i'm using Vista Inspirate 2 theme

  2. Yea cracked WGA... I just confirmed this, I matched the MD5 checksum of ALL 3 files with the WGA crack by ****

    He needs to be taught a lesson

    ohh.. so that man who's made WGA crack.

    thx for the information :)

    search google.. :P

    note : rick, don't forget to censor that name

  3. hi riks.. this is a bugs.

    your V'ISO didn't contain ntkrnlpa.exe.res file...

    on real machine (dual core) windows show default xp's boot, not vista's boot. because windows use ntkrnlpa.exe on dual core machine

    on single core, windows use ntoskrnl.exe, so the vista's boot show correctly

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