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  1. ricktendo64:

    The link for the 6.5 version is broke in the first post


    Do you mean that your MSI will create an installer from the VMWare extracted installer?

    What does it do?

    its not a creator, just a MSI install datebase,you should download a full installer from VMWARE first,then extract the installer to a folder by running this line

    vmware workstation7.0.0 /e c:\vmware7 <---specify a path you want

    navigate to the folder,there still many cab package ,using universal extractor to break vmware workstaion.msi to a folder you'll get all files MSI file need,

    Rick post a good topic in svcpack addon section about make Silent installer there you can learn how to extract installer and create silent installer

    @ arsenalz ,Uncle_Gadget,thanks for trying

  2. Hi bjfrog, The pack does not change anything about drivers, try to separate into sections, by integrating once the pack, and after incorporating drivers and other


    i meant only slimdown XP drivers on XP source integrated v2.9.0 by nlite,the XP intall will corrupt,All components can't be installed.,but this dont happen to the unslimdown source integrated v2.9.0

    I found if preslimdown XP drivers then integrate v2.9.0,xp setup successful,i can't figure out what cause that ,but this never happen to old version 2.4.1 before i tried

  3. i made one for version7 heavily base on Ricks version6 and i give it further reduce ,only work on x86 host,vmware tools not included,here is the MSI file

    just put it into source folder extracted from download full installer,silent parameters still work for v7.


    whats reduced except post on first page:

    VMX Debug

    VMX status

    Default helper


    here is a file include files list MSI file need and stuff to delete P2V menu avoid accidentally pressing cause main app ruin

  4. had tried version

    + one bug happened to me,item that you deselect at componets option is still to be patched,my source has already IE8 integrated,so i uncheck ie7 files to be patched,it patched all the IE7 files except "iexporer.mui",fortunately IE8 still work fine

    - Patching IEXPLORE.EXE
    - Patching IEXPLORE.MUI
    MSG: IEXPLORE.MUI listed under "NoPatch.ByVersion"!
    - Patching IEXPRESS.EXE

    + and one file is missing"xptsporb.bmp" not to be integrated into xp,so it report the file cant be copied during setup

    + all programs integrated work perfectly except cad2009, ill give it more try

    thanks for you offer this good gui patcher,and the features i mentioned would be very nice if come true,as vista font have a good display under high resolution LCD screen than system default Tahoma font.

    and i had tried this one too,its still a setup killer.

  5. Hi dougiefresh, i got some problem when i applied GUI patcher1.4.6.11 on a clean english XP sp3 source

    ,the process always frozen at an error tip NO RESOURCES FOUND IN THE PROPER FOLDER,i had tried by putting the patcher into different location,still no luck to make it work,instead i got the same problem,so pls give me some help.

    ---TSP.log ----

    XPtsp v1.4.6.11 Patching Started: 05/28/2009 02:22
    Removing Read-Only Attributes from Files

    Extracting contents of SP3.CAB
    MSG: No files found to patch inside "SP3.CAB"!

    Replacing AutoPlay program
    Starting to overwrite files in the I386 folder:
    - Compressing AIRPLANE.BMP
    - Compressing BACKDOWN.JPG
    - Compressing BACKOFF.JPG
    - Compressing BACKOVER.JPG
    - Compressing BACKUP.JPG
    - Compressing BLUE_SS.DLL
    - Compressing BTN1.GIF
    - Compressing BTN2.GIF
    - Compressing BTN3.GIF
    - Compressing BUTTERFL.BMP
    - Compressing CAR.BMP
    - Compressing CERTMGR.MSC
    - Compressing CIADV.MSC
    - Compressing CLASSIC.THE
    - Compressing COMEXP.MSC
    - Compressing COMPMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing DEVMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing DFRG.MSC
    - Compressing DIALUP.GIF
    - Compressing DISKMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing DNSMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing DUCK.BMP
    - Compressing EVENTVWR.MSC
    - Compressing FINI.HTM
    - Compressing FROG.BMP
    - Compressing FSMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing GPEDIT.MSC
    - Compressing GREENSHD.GIF
    - Compressing GRN_BTN.GIF
    - Compressing GUEST.BMP
    - Compressing GUITAR.BMP
    - Compressing HOME_SS.DLL
    - Compressing HORSES.BMP
    - Compressing IDENT2.HTM
    - Compressing IIS.MSC
    - Compressing INTRO.WMV
    - Compressing LOGON.SCR
    - Compressing LUNA.MST
    - Compressing LUNA.THE
    - Compressing LUSRMGR.MSC
    - Compressing METAL_SS.DLL
    - Compressing MSLOGO.JPG
    - Compressing NEWBTM1.JPG
    - Compressing NEWBTM8.JPG
    - Compressing NEWMARK1.JPG
    - Compressing NEWMARK8.JPG
    - Compressing NEWTOP1.JPG
    - Compressing NEWTOP8.JPG
    - Compressing NEXTDOWN.JPG
    - Compressing NEXTOFF.JPG
    - Compressing NEXTOVER.JPG
    - Compressing NEXTUP.JPG
    - Compressing NTMSMGR.MSC
    - Compressing NTMSOPRQ.MSC
    - Compressing PALMTREE.BMP
    - Compressing PERFMON.MSC
    - Compressing PNKFLOWR.BMP
    - Compressing PRODKEY.GIF
    - Compressing QMARK.GIF
    - Compressing REDFLOWR.BMP
    - Compressing REDSHD.GIF
    - Compressing RSOP.MSC
    - Compressing SECPOL.MSC
    - Compressing SERVICES.MSC
    - Compressing SKATER.BMP
    - Compressing SKIPDOWN.JPG
    - Compressing SKIPOFF.JPG
    - Compressing SKIPOVER.JPG
    - Compressing SKIPUP.JPG
    - Compressing SOCCER.BMP
    - Compressing TITLE.WMA
    - Compressing WELCOME.HTM
    - Compressing WMIMGMT.MSC
    - Compressing XPBALLN.WAV
    - Compressing XPBATCRT.WAV
    - Compressing XPBATLOW.WAV
    - Compressing XPBLKPOP.WAV
    - Compressing XPCRTSTP.WAV
    - Compressing XPDEF.WAV
    - Compressing XPDING.WAV
    - Compressing XPERROR.WAV
    - Compressing XPEXCL.WAV
    - Compressing XPHDFAIL.WAV
    - Compressing XPHDINST.WAV
    - Compressing XPHDREM.WAV
    - Compressing XPINFBAR.WAV
    - Compressing XPLOGOFF.WAV
    - Compressing XPLOGON.WAV
    - Compressing XPMENU.WAV
    - Compressing XPMIN.WAV
    - Compressing XPNOTIFY.WAV
    - Compressing XPPRINT.WAV
    - Compressing XPRECYCL.WAV
    - Compressing XPRESTOR.WAV
    - Compressing XPRINGIN.WAV
    - Compressing XPRNGOUT.WAV
    - Compressing XPSHUTDN.WAV
    - Compressing XPSTART.WAV
    - Compressing XPSTARTU.WAV

    Patching WBEMOC.INF
    Building contents of XPTSP.CAB

    by the way i tried a program "Microangelo On Display" from here

    when free just try,the functions use large icon at desktop,adjust distance between icons and change windows font/size are awesome,i think many guys use high resolutions and LCD's screen would benefit from thsese,so if possible could you create some codes like those and add them in GUI patcher.

  6. updated to version2.1.4 (released 2009-02-16) enjoy!

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

    Windows hosts: fixed host crashes/hangs on certain 32 bits Windows systems when running Linux guests (bugs #1606, #2269, #2763)

    Windows hosts: Fixed network component BSOD issue (bugs #3168, #2916)

    Windows hosts: Fixed installation issues (bugs #2517, #1730, #3130)

    Linux hosts: fixed occasional kernel oopses (bug #2556)

    Linux hosts: fixed module dependency for shipped modules (bug #3115)

    Linux hosts: moved the udev rules for USB forward so that they don’t override existing system rules (bug #3143)

    Linux hosts: fixed the issue with guest not being able to communicate with each other when attached via TAP interfaces (bug #3215)

    Linux hosts: give up probing for USB gracefully if dbus or hal are not available (bug #3136)

    Linux hosts: fixed warnings in installer when SELinux was disabled (bug #3098)

    Linux hosts: VirtualBox sometimes failed to start if it had been started using sudo previously (bug #3270)

    Solaris hosts: fixed high CPU load while running many guests in parallel

    Solaris hosts: fixed inability to start more than 128 VMs

    VMM: fixed performance regression for Windows guests (bug #3172)

    VMM: ignore CPU stepping when restoring a saved state/snapshot

    REM: fixed inability to use gdb to debug programs in Linux guests with software virtualization (bug #3245)

    GUI: fixed dead key handling on Solaris hosts (bug #3256)

    GUI: in the shutdown dialog, disable the action send the shutdown signal if the guest is currently not using ACPI

    GUI: suppress additional key release events sent by X11 hosts when keys are auto-repeated (bug #1296)

    API: restore case insensitive OS type name lookup (bug #3087)

    VBoxHeadless: really don’t start X11 services (clipboard service, 3D acceleration; Solaris & Darwin hosts only; bug #3199)

    NAT: fixed occasional crashes when the guest is doing traceroute (non-Windows hosts; bug #3200)

    NAT: fixed crashes under high load (bug #3110)

    NAT: fixed truncated downloads (Windows hosts only, bug #3257)

    NAT: don’t intercept TFTP packages with a destination address different from the builtin TFTP server (bug #3112)

    USB: several fixes for USB passthrough on Linux hosts

    USB: reduced host CPU utilization if EHCI is active

    VRDP: fixed VRDP server black screen after a client reconnect (bug #1989)

    VRDP: modified rdesktop client (rdesktop-vrdp) now uses NumLock state synchronization (bug #3253)

    LsiLogic: make FreeBSD guests work (bug #3174)

    ATA: fixed deadlock when pausing VM due to problems with the virtual disk (e.g. disk full, iSCSI target unavailable)

    iSCSI: fixed possible crash when pausing the VM

    3D support: added missing GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS_ARB (bug #3246)

    Windows Additions: fixed ERROR (e0000101) error during installation (bug #1923)

    Windows Additions: fixed Windows Explorer hang when browsing shared folders with 64 bit guests (bug #2225)

    Windows Additions: fixed guest screen distortions during a video mode change

    Windows Additions: fixed the Network drive not connected message for mapped shared folders drives after the guest startup (bug #3157)

    Linux Additions: fixed occasional file corruption when writing files in O_APPEND mode to a shared folder (bug #2844)

    Linux Additions: the mouse driver was not properly set up on X.Org release candidates (bug #3212)

    Linux Additions: fixed installer to work with openSUSE 11.1 (bug #3213)

    Linux Additions: disable dynamic resizing if the X server is configured for fixed resolutions

    Linux/Solaris Additions: handle virtual resolutions properly which are larger than the actual guest resolution (bug #3096)

  7. well i already found that one while i was searching for some other stuff

    i opened the Fourm Page by mistake

    and i found that this trick was for Using in flash drive it would be nice as a portable not using any registry

    and i found as well using that unikey that you can change lang

    that all what i found and hope you understand about UpdateInis and if you got stuck in any thing i would be happy to help

    Thanks mate,thanks the great help.these are very usefull for creating portable UltarISO, :thumbsup_anim:

    i just found something too from their offical froum,just know ultaiso can work with both registry entries and configuration files,registry entries has higher priority

    When start UltraISO,the main application ultraiso.exe will search regitry first ,if some items not be found ,it'll contiune to search ini files,there are two config files provide the features that make ultraiso work,as the info you provided one is UIKey.ini ,it record the registration informations ,GUI language and more items

    Another one is ultraiso.ini,it record all features that make ultraiso work,so these two files are very usefull for creating portable ultraiso,when ultraiso is started just press "cltr+alt+E" ,This will generate ultraiso.ini in installation folder,if set the 'install' value from '1' to '0' in ultraiso.ini ,ultraiso will work with config files only,no more depend on registry,this is awesome!

    thanks again ,good luck to u! time to go to bed.

  8. Hi bjfrog

    i found a way to allow the ultra iso to register using the orignal UserName and Register Code

    using An Ini File Named uikey.ini

    you can add this command to the Inf

    hope you like the trick

    but it won't save it to the Registery for your info

    hey DaRk MaDnEsS,this is great,thanks for the cool trick :thumbsup_anim: :giveheart:

    i know updateinis is very usefull directive for program settings but this is the first i met using it on program registration,its awesome,so far havent figured out how does it work,as you said it dont depend on registry entries,I'll give it more try and learning,thanks a lot .

    BTW I updated the regstration in this new method.

  9. update to version

    changes in new version

    UltraISO Premium 9.33 (February 11, 2009)

    +) Can open, view and extract files from XBOX360 ISO images

    and non copy-protected XBOX360 DVD's

    +) Supports mounting UDF DVD images on Windows Vista/Windows 7 Beta1 (ISODrive)

    +) Saves newly detected media capacity

    *) Improveed performance for editing bootable ISO's with large boot image file

    *) Can detect and use Nero 9 as default burning software

    *) Fixed a compatible problem with Ashampoo burning package

    *) Fixed a bug with converting some PlayStation CD images in MDS/MDF format

    *) Some minor improvements and bug fixes

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