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  1. Well, maybe, Vlite uses bootcode, which isn't working with Started Windows

    excatly i meant do a fresh installation from a vlited sources via a PE bootable media

    ie. my vlited sources is located in e:\vlitework\sources\install.wim

    Boot machine using a bootable media,apply the install.wim from the location to the formatted partition that the vlited Vista is ready to be installed.

    imagex /apply sourcePath\install.wim "flag" c:

    then using bootsect or else make that partition bootable, then... just a thought,

    these will save time and no need burning an install disk,no need buy a new one if DVD burner dead ;)

  2. Hello everyone,is that be possible to install a Vlited Vista from a harddisk partition

    i have tried but no success,i think this will save much more time and no more need to burn and burn, for another reason my DVD burner is just dead :sweatingbullets: :confused02:

    help is always appreciated


    i had tried out the full version from harddisk,it worked,but a vilited sources dont work

  3. To bjfrog:

    Many thanks for the useful informations however I'm facing a problem, the command "compcln.exe" does not work in OOBE after installing SP2 and reboot, if you do "yes" the windows in prompt just close and nothing else.

    Another question when "generalize" and "shutdown" in OOBE the system restart, is this normal or not ??

    Could you please give more information or am I making a mistake ??

    Thanks for your reply.

    HI Welcome to wincert!

    Sorry for the late and thanks for the feedback

    the issues that you mentioned should not happen if you follow the steps i posted,so far no problems like you said happen to me, i have created a couple of images for me and my friends,but now i have no chance to help u, congradulation!

    feel free just let me share your success and know what cause those problems,

    BTW i should give a update to the partition section

    Using Vista partition manager will cause "hareware change" prompt when first boot during installation if you use a vlited image( Problem will be fixed automatically if you contiune to install), this wont happen using the fully image,iam not sure what cause that,but a solution will fix that.

    Using diskpart command included in th PE ISO instead of Vista partition manager

    so save below codes as a text file, ie first.txt Add first.txt into PE.ISO rootdir

    boot machine using PE.ISO ,run this line diskpart /s first.txt under pe environment

    select disk 0
    create part pri size=5000
    create part pri
    select part 1
    Format fs=ntfs label="Image"quick
    select part 2
    Format fs=ntfs label="Vista"quick

  4. I've found this program before a few days and tried to make an addon of it, and had that issues like "unsigned driver installing prompt".

    Thanks man, You teached me how to make it without prompt. :thumbsup_anim:

    You are welcome,this key only work for XP,so far i have no idea under Vista,dont forget PM me if u find something about this,thanks:)

  5. You are welcome,nice to know stuff is usefull for you,but im not sure understand whats the DA? :blink::sweatingbullets: my dictionary tell me its abbreviation of "district attorney" ,this job has a little cool. :blush:

    yeah i have noticed the post time is not my time(GMT+8),it should be the Europe time.


    so weird ,now the display time is just my time and apart 1min indeed,


    look at this,this is the old display i captured


  6. Any chance you can find blue icons similar to what the VistaBlue theme contains? The black icons are nice, but all blue icons would be MUCH nicer! Thanks!

    I meant this,:)

    but now dont worry,later today ill give you the link include some stuff in blue ,just choose what you like.

    actually the converter is "PNG2Icon" that i have transfered to you in some package,its a powerfull command line tool that convert 200 icons in a second with a good quality, i just made it GUI using e-lanuage(chinese program language) ,its so ugly that not worth to be distributed.

    DSI is working very stable that have never before,the italian language file just be updated to date...


    some blue stuff is here

  7. have tried v5341 couple of hours, it work very well even the update online,as online feature never work to me before,thanks for ur hard works,

    now the vistablue is really in a blend style,i have got some blue drive icon but the color doesnt match with the current blue,see blow


    for testing my icon converter,btw the WinXP.dll has been converted into new format (without 24x)


  8. i meant that replace current BLUE theme with the new blue icons included in the latest link,all of them created base on windows live drive icon.

    the color of current BLUE theme icons doesnt match with most XP theme i feel,so i give them a new cloth,

    Personally i more like the new blue icons ,they are in XP default blue color and more vista like,

    VistaBlue2,Win7Blue,VistaLanse(pronunciation in chinese),VistaBlua (in german) and some name else are ready for the candidate if you have a plan to give it a new name :D

  9. The official beta was made available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers on 07 January 2009 and will be available for public download on the Windows 7 web site on 09 January 2009 with a limited 2.5million downloads..

    thanks the good news,icant wait give it try, new build no is 7007 i guess:)

  10. Confirmed it happens to me also, it happens when its installing the VMware virtual network adapter:

    t13uw5.th.png bluescrss1.th.png

    Only advice I can give you is not to integrate this addon or if you have, while testing on VirtualBox you can open a command prompt window (Shift+F10) before T-13 and type the following:

    notepad \windows\inf\svcpack.inf

    Then simply delete VMware.exe from [setupHotfixesToRun] section and it will not try to install vmware in your test, it will install during normal setup just not on the test

    Just tried using same ISO on a VMWARE guest machine ,no any problem happen to me

    so i guess this wont occur on a physical machine ,too late (nearly 3AM) ,ill try tomorrow, thanks.


    i have tried it out just like you said,vmware program cant be installed on a virtualbox guest OS,it will damage windows setup.

    it wont matter be installed on a VMware guest OS or MS Virtual PC2007 guest OS,so far on a real machine,

    ,now VMware6 become so powerfull ill give it more try,Thank you very much,thanks the cool trick (SHIFT+F10)too

  11. OK downloading latest virtualbox and will test this addon right away

    It seems not properly that a virtualizer be installed on a virtualizer machine especially installing VMware

    but this doesnt matter install virtualbox on a virtualbox guest OS

    latest version VB(2.1.0) already been installed .now i'm testing only vmware addon with leave out other silent installer...


    hi rick, only tested vmware this time ,the blue screen still happen to me

    so i guess that a vmware program cant be intsatlled on vitualbox guest os machine,this will corrupt windows setup,

    ill give more try and report here

  12. I took the liberty of updating this to the beta one. I adhere to RogueSpear's "multimode" standards, so this will require the parameters -ai (silent) or -ai1 (passive) in order to install unattended.

    A few differences:

    1. Current "Explorer" (e.g., winkey+E) and "ShellBrowser" (e.g., dbl-click "My Computer") layouts are backed up.

    2. My preferred settings and layout are imported upon installation.

    3. Includes an uninstaller, which restores ShellBrowser and Explorer layouts.

    Download: http://xp.xpdnc.org/QTTabBar_QTTabBar.exe

    I didn't fully test it, but it should work without issues. Let me know if there are any problems and I'll look into it.

    it work on my new xp project,thanks

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