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  1. I'm looking for a new phone and I've just seen the HTC Pulse, it's the first PAYG Android phone I've ever see and I've got a few questions about it and Android in general.

    1) What version of Android does it come with and how do you update it, if I use a custom ROM will I never be able to get the customised ROM T-Mobile put on it back?

    2) Is there an option in Android that will let me only check for email on WiFi and not using Edge or 3G don't want my credit going down the drain without realising it.

    3) Doe it have a multimeter to when you turn the keyboard adjusts like on the iPhone?

    4) Anyone know how much onboard storage it has, the G1 only had a small partition so Google struggled to bring Android updates to it because space was tight.

    5) For

  2. I was following this guide http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-...-working-guide/ and I accidently wiped the wrong thing and now my external hard disk has been wiped, I need help. It no longer appears in My Computer, I'm using Vista. What is a good data recovery app?

    Please help!

    I thinking of using a demo of Uneraser once I have a new partition on it, is this a good idea?

    Edit: Uneraser doesn't work well if you don't buy it anyone got any alternatives?

    In Computer Management in Vista I can't create a partition on the disk because it says the disk is Not Initialized, what does this mean and how can I fix it?

  3. I've searched really long and really hard to find a soluation to this problem. The good news is THERE ARE REAL, WORKING drivers for the AHCI SATA RAID controller in the Inspiron 1721. And here they are, from IBM:


    (oops, fixed the link now!)

    It includes the Textmode driver which you can streamline with nLite into an XP install disc. Everything works perfectly

    If you have trouble creating your own install .iso using nLite or something similar, there is now a torrent available (if you look for it you should find it) with a ready-built XP SP3 image for the 1721, just use your existing license key if you install it.

    Wow thanks, sorry it took me so long to reply.

    Edit: I've followed your advice but decided to use nLite to compile my own iso, no chance of nasty viruses then. I integrated the driver and SP3 and I am currently testing it in Virtual Box.

  4. sounds good.

    lets see what else they put in...

    and i bet computer specs have to be high! 2GB RAM for vista.... could be 3 or even 4GB RAM for Windows 7

    btw is there a beta out??? (for windows 7)

    Beta - December Q4 2008 - Q1 2009

    Release Candidate - Q2 2009 - Q3 2009

    RTM - Q4 2009 - Q1 2010

    Hope that answers your question.

  5. From what I've heard so far. Windows 7 will be one very good OS. But no matter, we'll still have to wait for a lot of vendors to aquire new and updated drivers..

    Good news from the front on that one, for a piece of hardware to receive a Vista Compatible logo Microsoft insists (has made compulsory) that it has to run on Windows 7, this new policy has been in effect for a few months now.

  6. When Mac OS X 10.5 was released they claimed it had 300 new features, I wonder if Windows 7 will have that many but here's a list of how many they've got at the moment.

    New Technologies

    #1 DirectX 11

    #2 WinMin - New Windows Core Kernel

    #3 WDDM 1.1

    #4 Direct3D 11

    #5 Desktop Window Manager

    #6 Direct2D and DirectWrite

    #7 NDIS 6.20

    #8 DirectX Video Acceleration-High Definition (DXVA-HD)

    #9 AVCHD camera support and Universal Video Class 1.1

    #10 Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA) for TV tuner cards

    #11 Bluetooth audio stack

    #12 Support for up to 256 logical processors

    #13 VHD Support

    #14 New Fonts, for example Gabriola, etc.


    #15 Windows Solution Centre

    #16 Bitlocker to Go

    #17 AppLocker

    Management Features

    #18 PowerShell 2.0

    #19 DirectAccess

    #20 BranchCache

    #21 Support for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

    #22 Device Stage

    #23 Feedback Tool


    #24 SuperBar

    #25 Desktop Peek

    #26 Pin / Unpin Shortcuts

    #27 Jump List

    #28 Ribbon Interface

    Internet Explorer 8

    #29 Accelerators

    #30 InPrivate

    #31 WebSlices

    #32 Smart Screen

    #33 Settings Backup using Windows Live

    Multimedia Updates

    #34 Media Centre Gadget

    #35 Improved File Format Aupport: - MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVCHD, ADTS, M4A, and WTV

    #36 Improved Media Codec Support: - H.264, MPEG4-SP, ASP/DivX/Xvid, MJPEG, DV, AAC-LC, LPCM, AAC-HE

    Other Features

    #37 Built-in XPS Support

    #38 Desktop Slide

    This might not look good but remember it's only a Alpha really. Also when Apple announced 300 new features 6 of them where screensavers and some were not features of Apple's just claims and I quote "Fastest Browser in the World". Get real Apple your Apple is the second slowest based of Sunspider Tests I did on my computers.

  7. If u need all documents/pics/progs on second drive u have to unformat or recover second (80GB) drive.

    U may use r-studio or etc. to recover.

    If u dont need any files at second drive.

    Right click to My Computer. Select Manage.

    U will see Disc Managment on left side in new opened windows. Select it.

    In right side of windows u will see all disc/cd/dvd-rw connected to your computer.

    Probbaly Disc 1 is your second disc. (80GB) Right click on it and select create new partition. Then just press next>next>next :P

    You will see your disc on My Computer as D: or E:

    It worked, thank you so much!

  8. I have a Dell Optliplex GX 260 that has two hard drives one 40GB and one 80GB. I was reinstalling XP and I accidentally deleted the partition on the 80GB, I installed XP on the primary 40GB but now Windows can't see the 80GB. Well I say it can't see it, I can't use it but it appears in the Device Manager. I thing I must have uninstalled it or something. The hard drive that no longer works properly is a Maxtor 6L080J4.

    Please help, this is my primary computer and I need to get it working as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    The computer is now running Windows XP Service Pack 3.

  9. A while ago I came across AOL Desktop, it looked good in most parts and had some good features, but it had many downsides; 1. Built on Internet Explorer and 2. The whole program is just advertising for AOL products.


    If this had been made and branded as Netscape Desktop it would have much better. This gave me an idea instead of having four or five separate product lines why not have one Internet Suite that has all the benefits of all Mozilla products in one smaller package. It would make a lot of sense, for example it would prevent competition between Firefox and SeaMonkey. Below is a short list of other benifets: -

    @ Easier and faster to develop, not as many of Mozilla resources would be consumed due to more people working together on bits of the suite that would overlap.

    @ Easier to update, saves having to deliver one fix to each Mozilla product that has a vulnerability.

    @ Bundling software will boost Mozilla market share faster because someone may not want to download another Browser, Email Client, IM, etc. If they already have them downloaded when they got one its more likely they'd use it.

    @ Good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with Google, more of the search engines could be Google related like having Google Maps and YouTube installed by default. I'll go into more detail about this later.

    @ Easier for people to develop Add-ons for just one program instead of five!

    @ Better integration of all Mozilla technologies, a source of revenue for Mozilla could be that Google could pay to have software like Google Gears bundled into the suite.

    @ And lots lots more!

    Now I've taken a picture from AOl desktop and modified it with some ideas about what could be down and how Google could be integrated.


    Reply with your thoughts.

  10. I've seen that its possible to have a real Vista like interface (see below), and I won't to know how it is done. I heard it has something to do with uxtheme.dll file. Do you just paste your copy from vista over the top of xp's version. Or do you need another different file or programme.


    Please help!

  11. I recently bought a new Inspiron 1721 from Dell, it had Vista Home Premium included but I'm just so annoyed by its slowness, programme incompatibility, and resource hog.

    So I want to install XP, I have a Dell Windows XP Professional disk. The laptop has two hard drives that are shown as one in Vista due to raid. Could I just bung my disk in and install XP by formatting my hard drive. In the windows setup will it still show as only having one hard disk. Could I even install it in the first place? Please someone answer.

  12. I don't think that Vista rating is a real index of your machine performance. For instance I have a Corsair DHX XMS2 DDR2 Dual Channel at 800MHz and by Vista rating this memory has the lowest score of all my components :)

    Your laptop is a real beast and I wouldn't worry about some Vista rating..

    First of the image is just something I made in paint to show what I thought. Second I bought this laptop for

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