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  1. heh, after installing the new one last night; I originally hated the green folder icons. After a few hours of use though they feel at home again :P gotta love it! GREAT work guys!

    @amnesia, I dunno, after getting used to the green ones, I dont know if I would want to go back to the manilla for the start menu. Though I dont know how other people feel about that, I could see where you would want that for the start menu.

  2. just did my first test with MCE. I'm not sure about the theme/wallpaper. I think the wallpaper is different? it has a rainbow now or something... I dont know I dont use that theme at all. but I definitely do not like the windows type on the welcome screen. just ugly IMO. I also don't even know which version I downloaded anymore either (1.0.10b1) The hashes don't match the ones you posted earlier, but it worked fine 100% with the MCE addon. I dled it at about 3AM EST :P. I'm gonna re-dl for grits and shiggles and give her another go. Want me to report on anything specific? I also have Home so I can test that as well if you'd like, if you tell me what I should be looking for :P.


    just realize you said you cant post the link yet :P

    as soon as you post a new one I'll test MCE, I'm kinda lazy about the home tho, it would take me a scrit load of time to test both.

  3. I personally like the old info better. That is just a little bit too much bloat for me. Though I do appreciate the new alignment of the info, the descriptions are too long. I think the CPU Make should be just simply "CPU Type" and "CPU speed and installed memory" should be "CPU Info".

    The descriptions IMHO are just bloat, its not really needed at all since they are categorized nicely to begin with.

    Is the OEM bmp and nlite dealie added by default? Because that is also unnecessary IMO...

  4. just my input on the MCE problem... I have used the MCE addon ever since V'ISO 8.whatever and I have not once had a problem :S. The screen shot I posted about the activation problem is further proof. I actually just reformatted with it as well, winver and system properties come up with nothing about the build whatsoever. Looking through Everest, all I see is 5512, or just "Service Pack 3".

    My build process goes from a SP0 CD, with all the cmpnts in the folder, including tablet PC cabs, the sonic cab and media center and so on. Then I manually patch it to SP3 using /integrate. Then I manually add hotfixes. Then I use RVM and go through all in one fell swoop including MCE and the addon version of the patcher. I have not once seen a difference between using the addon in RVM or the live after everything is integrated. And then I go through nLite after that's done including the majority of my program addons and tweaks and so forth...

    Thats just for a comparison of your process. I don't really have any clue where or why your problem shows up :S

    good luck! :P

  5. well just figured I'd throw this out there:


    makes me wonder how many people here have a legit windows :P

    anywho, I was first weary about this because I used the addon first, but I tried it again and use the live version as the very last thing I did before I made the image, and it's still there. dont really care cause I activate it and it goes away. but there it is...

    Thanks for all the great work

    wouldn't build a CD without this

    cya guys.

  6. Off-Topic Comment(Click to Show)
    hello, great work here... I only have one small little problem.

    I seem to not be able to delete the Windows Sidebar shortcut menu in the start menu during install. I have my Icon orginizing script run during the RunOnce, and it runs fine, and addresses the correct path in the end, but I think the shortcut is created during the final boot process when the "setting up personal settings" box thing comes up; after the runonce events run. This did not happen in the last version of sidebar and now its the only extranious folder in my start menu :huh: . The closest I have come to actually solving the problem is believing that there is a [cmpnts] option for it to =off in the winnt.sif file, but since it isnt XP native, I have no idea of knowing the key.

    Any suggestions or help to this stupid little problem would be greatly appreciated :D

    thanks in advance,


    sorry completely dumb, didnt read that up there, thought it pertained to something else hahaha... guess ill just stick that in there, thanks!

    maybe you should just include it as a silent update? just a thought :D
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