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  1. Hello. I downloaded the Custom UI Editor and the LIst of Control IDs. I have a .dotm file that I brought in from Word 2003 and converted to 2007. All the macros work in Word 07. This template should also have a custom Ribbon tab. I was able to use the editor and add the tab, I was able to add a custom button to one of my macros. Now I need to add a few built-in buttons like AlignLeft, AlignRight, FileSaveAs, etc.

    Some of my built-in buttons work and some don't. I'm taking the idMso from the List of Control IDs I downloaded from Microsoft as suggested above in the original post. What I'm I missing. Here's my code so far. AlignLeft and AlignRight don't work.

    <customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui">
    <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
    <tab id="SLK" label="SLK">
    <group id="Format" label="Formatting Buttons">
    <button idMso="AlignLeft" label="Left Align" size="normal"/>
    <button idMso="AlignRight" label="Right Align" size="normal"/>
    <button idMso="CellsDelete" label="Delete Cells" size="normal"/>
    <button idMso="TableColumnsDelete" label="Delete Columns" size="normal"/>
    <button idMso="TableRowsDelete" label="Delete Rows" size="normal"/>
    <button idMso="TableDelete" label="Delete Table" size="normal"/>

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