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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------- [200908] ---------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed a problem that shortcut keys did not work in certain situations when opening a file - Fixed a problem that was a little slow to create a thumbnail - Enhanced 3D/360 format compatibility in mp4 files - Fixed an issue where Blu-ray folder playback did not start immediately - Fixed an error when playing certain files - Edited to support /seek, /sub commands for video shortcuts - Fixed a flickering problem in certain subtitles - Fixed a problem where deletion was strange in bookmark editing

  2. 3.8.5 - 1/9/2020

    * Improved support for filetype association on Windows 10
    * Optional capitalisation of tag names in "Message" info
    * Playback position is included in tray icon tooltip
    * "Save track position upon closing" option now applies when paused/stopped too
    * Relative paths in saved playlists now use ".." to traverse parent folders
    * Saved playlists can be set to use back or forward slashes in paths
    * Bringing XMPlay to foreground when opening files from Windows Explorer is now optional
    * M3U8 extension added to filetype association options
    * Detection of OPL instruments in OMPT files
    * Optional checking for beta updates
    * Fix to stop paused playback auto-resuming after system sleep
    * Fix for soundcard detection in Windows 10 v2004 ("Microsoft Sound Mapper" renamed to "Default")
    * Fix/workaround for HE-AAC seeking bug in Windows 10 AAC decoder

  3. AIMP v4.70, build 2227 (01.09.2020)

    Common: localizations has been updated

    Music library: performance has been increased

    Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of cloud services

    Plugins: WebLyrics - support for URL-encoding in rules for parser


    Fixed: sound engine - app plays one track from Audio CD and stops if the "pre-load next track while current is playing" option is switched on and tracks has been added to playlist as files

    Fixed: sound engine - replaygain - cache was not reset before new analysis that leads to less accurate calculation results in certain cases

    Fixed: tags - Mp4 - common bitrate is displayed instead of bitrate of audio stream

    Fixed: tags - Vorbis Comments - rating from old versions of player loads incorrectly (regression)

    Fixed: music library - rating cannot be set to entire album anymore (regression)

    Fixed: plugins - podcasts - duration is not displayed for some podcasts

    Fixed: plugins - information bar - app hangs up on Windows XP

    minor issues were fixed

  4. What's new after 7-Zip 20.00 alpha:

    • The default number of LZMA2 chunks per solid block in 7z archive was increased to 64.
      It allows to increase the compression speed for big 7z archives, if there is a big number 
      of CPU cores and threads.
    • The speed of PPMd compressing/decompressing was increased for 7z/ZIP/RAR archives.
    • The new -ssp switch. If the switch -ssp is specified, 7-Zip doesn't allow the system 
      to modify "Last Access Time" property of source files for archiving and hashing operations.
    • Some bugs were fixed.
    • New localization: Swahili.
  5. AIMP v4.70, build 2224 (22.07.2020)

    Common: localizations has been updated

    Common: the Folder Browser dialog now saves its size between work sessions

    Playlist: the %RemoveFileExt macro has been added


    Fixed: sound engine - replay gain - preamp works incorrectly

    Fixed: album arts - custom album arts for internet radio stations sometimes stops from displayed if caching is enabled

    Fixed: playlist - drag-n-drop operation moves files instead of copying it (regression)

    Fixed: tag editor - online search does not work for the MusicBrainz / Discogs providers

    Fixed: skin engine - multiline RTL-text displays reversed (regression)

    Fixed: skin engine - volume control that displays in notification area scales incorrectly

    Fixed: skin engine - minor issues has been fixed

    minor issues were fixed

  6. AIMP v4.70, compilación 2223 (17.07.2020)

    Común: las localizaciones se han actualizado

    Común: el cuadro de diálogo Explorador de carpetas ahora guarda su tamaño entre sesiones de trabajo

    Lista de reproducción: se ha agregado la macro% RemoveFileExt


    Corregido: carátulas: las carátulas personalizadas para las estaciones de radio por Internet a veces dejan de mostrarse si el almacenamiento en caché está habilitado

    Corregido: editor de etiquetas: la búsqueda en línea no funciona para los proveedores de MusicBrainz / Discogs

    Corregido: motor de máscara - pantallas de texto RTL multilínea invertidas (regresión)

    Solucionado: motor de máscara: se han solucionado problemas menores

    problemas menores fueron corregidos

  7. eature updates

    • This version of Microsoft Edge provides improved site list download times for Internet Explorer mode. We’ve reduced download delay for the Internet Explorer mode site list to 0 seconds (down from a 60-second wait) in the absence of a cached site list. We’ve also added group policy support for cases when Internet Explorer mode home page navigations need to be delayed until the site list is downloaded. For more information, see the DelayNavigationsForInitialSiteListDownload policy.
    • Microsoft Edge now allows users to sign-into the browser when it’s “run as administrator” on Windows 10. This will help customers running Microsoft Edge on Windows server or in remote-desktop and sandbox scenarios.
    • Microsoft Edge now provides full mouse support when in full screen mode. Now you can use your mouse to access tabs, the address bar, and other items without having to exit full screen mode.
    • Online purchase improvement. Add custom nicknames to saved debit or credit cards. Now you can distinguish and differentiate your credit cards when making online purchases. Nicknaming your debit or credit cards lets you choose the correct card when using autofill to select a payment method.
    • TLS/1.0 and TLS/1.1 are disabled by default. To help discover impacted sites, you can set the edge://flags/#display-legacy-tls-warnings flag to cause Microsoft Edge to display a non-blocking “Not Secure” notice when loading pages that require legacy TLS protocols. The SSLVersionMin policy permits re-enabling of TLS/1.0 and TLS/1.1. This policy will remain available until at least Microsoft Edge version 88. For more information, see Site compatibility-impacting changes coming to Microsoft Edge.
    • Collections improvements:
      • A note capability is added that lets you add a note or comment to an item in a collection. Notes are grouped together and stay attached to an item even if you sort the items in a collection. To try this new feature, right-click on an item and select “Add note”.
      • You can change the background color of notes in collections. You can use color coding to help you organize information and increase productivity.
      • There are noticeable performance improvements, which lets you export your collections to Excel in less time than in previous versions of Microsoft Edge.
    • Additional Microsoft Edge API support:
      • The Storage Access API. This API allows access to first-party storage in a third-party context when a user provides a direct intent to allow storage that would otherwise be blocked by the browser’s current configuration.

        As privacy is becoming increasingly important to users, requests for stricter browser defaults and user opt-in settings like blocking all third-party storage access are increasingly common. While these settings help improve privacy and block unwanted access by unknown or untrusted parties, they can have unwanted side effects such as blocking access to content the user may want to view (for example, social media and embedded media content.)

      • The Native File System API, which means you can give sites permissions to edit files or folders via the Native File System API.
    • PDF improvements:
      • Read Aloud for PDF lets users listen to PDF content while carrying out other tasks that may be important for them. It also helps audio visual learners focus on reading the content, making learning easier.
      • PDF file editing is improved. Now you can save an edit made to a PDF back to the file instead of saving a copy each time you edit the PDF.
    • Microsoft Edge now enables Translation in the Immersive Reader. When a user opens the Immersive Reader view, they get the option to translate the page to their desired language.
    • DevTools supports customizing keyboard shortcuts to match your editor/IDE, which includes VS Code. For more details, see What’s New In DevTools (Microsoft Edge 84).
  8. Changes in 7.8.9:
    Fix Line operations (join lines, split lines, remove duplicate lines and sort lines) doing one too many lines issue.
    Fix the regression of jump line failure via command line (-n).
    Fix URL Hovered colour disappears after modifying any Clickable Link Settings regression.
    Fix URL is not clickable in certain stuation while wrapped is enabled.
    Fix “Save” not working in Windows dialog.
    Fix Flickering cursor after double clicking a found line in find results.
    Fix Found line may not be centered by double clicking in find results, if word wrap is on.
    Fix wrong horizontal scroll bar position after restoring Window position.
    Fix Find result window output TAB-width incoherent issue.

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