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  1. Rud: No, to add each language to the main release would bloat the archive to infinity and beyond. It would be far better (not to mention desirable) to create a seperate release for the Polish language than to integrate it into the main release.

    There is a way to optimize code.

    1. It is necessary to add code which will change code page (polish is hex 0x0415) of res files.

    2. Replace only changed part of res file: dialogues, strings and some times bitmap. Most icos, bitmaps, avis are the same.

    In my early estimation packed reduced res files takes less than 100 kB.

  2. Hi Mates,

    You have worked on that project so much time, that you can easily mention the files which should be translated into other language. I mean not only to turn on code page but I think about the files with text or pictures with text.

    Please specify that files.


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