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  1. Thanks Gorki :thumbsup_anim:

    I found your addon through sderenzi's listing of great addons @ ryanVM.net. Since you make a lot of addons :wub_anim: I'd suggest you'll list them in a seperate -sticky- post, so they are easy to find :rolleyes:

    You're welcome. I see you did not noticed. There is already sticky in this section containing complete list of addons including ones that I made. take a look. :)

  2. Bok Gorki! Still have the same problem using your addon with Nlite. Start a Vmware install and it stops at the very begining (39 mn) with error 800b0100!!! Any idea? Dobro, idem spat, laku noć... :sleeping_03anim:

    Actually I tested addon personally befora I update it again and I was unable to produce that error. Are you sure that this addon is causing this problem :g: Did you tried adding it to fresh source adding addons one by one?

  3. Gorki: The GUI was not designed to patch a Live System under Windows 7. It is designed to patch Windows XP.....

    You are correct about the MD5. GUI v1.4.55 is supposed to be 3d535aa1b313f835350068627dd79809. I'll fix the first post right now.

    That was not my intend in the first place. I was trying to patch XP source folder (CD) but I was unabel to navigate to it so I copy patcher directly into root folder and proceed with patching so no Live system patching was done,nevertheless I had "feeling" like I did it on Live sistem (since reboot option was ticked at the end of process)...strange but after reboot I had problems mentioned before.

    I hope this clears any misunderstanding between us. :) No hard feelings...

  4. I was hoping to do more spinning dougiefresh. But my hash for XPtsp_v1.4.5.5_GUI.exe is 3d535aa1b313f835350068627dd79809 :sweatingbullets: and according to first post they don't match,nevertheless I proceed and after I finished patching I experienced problems mention bellow.

    I did not use this tool for a while and I see you made some major changes with this patcher. I hope you fix that script so it would work as it should :)

    I installed the latest version today and everything was cool until I uninstalled it and rebooted the pc only to be greeted with a missing ntoskrnl error that left me reinstalling windows. :angry:

    Anyone else have this or was it an isolated problem?

    Almost the same...although I run it on 64 bit win 7,I had blue screen after I logon to win. Luckily I did not end up reinstalling my OS ^_^ :thumbsup_anim:

  5. I agree with Rick although I never "seriously" tested 7000 or 7022 but these latest build look sweater and sweater. :) Regarding games be sure to update latest DirectX I use switchless installers at least 7048 not sure about build 7057.

    Personally I don't play games much but last month I tried COD WOW,FC2,MOH Airborne,Cobra 11, Cryostasis and all seam to running just smooth and fine with no problems or what so ever. Even on 64bit OS. I hope you won't run into any problem with Steam games as well. :)

  6. I must admit I find some time to test this beta,I personally never tried vista not even on virtual machine,NEVER EVER! However reading all good and positive responds on this first public Win 7 beta I dare to do several test on my virtual machine before I go to live install. I was quite unsure what will I get from win drivers,thus I'm using raid 0 configuration. So all this was a bit risky for me but I say: Hell why not give it a chance?! And I must say I'm at least nicely surprised? AT LEAST! LOL I was more like :o I never thought that MS would do his youngster this good.

    I manage to get BSOD while installing VirtualBox,later on I also had problems removing it to. :sweatingbullets: Tried some games they run with no problem as well. Avira Antivir,burning apps I did not find anything unusual other than that bsod mention before in these last three days since I'm using it. Maybe ALT+TAB (app switching) need bit improvement during "hard load". I wonder how would x64 perform... hmm..

    In everyday use this system is very stable,not rock stable but stable and I doubt that many average users could find it hard to use it everyday. Even I can't get mad on it's bugs. I hope MS does not fill it wit crap on last RTM version... :)

  7. Update Posted v0.516

    v0.516 - 1-19-09

    -added reg settings to clean most common registry entries of previoulsy installed Firefox versions prior to installing Firefox and after uninstalling Firefox

    -fixed issue with right-click\install of "True" addon not copying firefox.inf to %17%

    -added additional Ayakawa Versions

    -added French language translation

    -began cleaning up logfile

    -fixed issue with extensions when there are 2 versions of the same extension on the system, the older version would be installed

    -resolved (not fixed) issue with Ayakawa version 3.1b3pre crashing. This version is not compatible with the Vanilla 3.0.5 language files. The language files from Vanilla 3.0.5 are causing the crash.

    -fixed issue when downgrading from 3.0.x to 2.0.0.x would cause crash in pigfoot version

    -no longer copying unnecessary components

    No complains... I love it! :giveheart:

    Thanks Jonnyboy!

  8. Yes that is link to online installer. So when you run it it stores/downloads needed files from internet before it installs on live system.

    The exe file you need is stored at Documents and settings\User name\Local settings\temp\rninst~1

    You should find RealPlayer11GOLD.exe there. Then you can play. :)

  9. How the things changing over years...

    My VGA needs 580W real power minimum GF 9600 512MB 256bit DDR3

    Actually DennyMK I would agree with N1K, there is much more things and explanations that I'm capable of writing at the moment. But in the meantime you might check this article....for the start.

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